Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo...

Check my "Hello Kitty" ring.  :)

Song of the Day:  "Creep" --Radiohead

These photos represent the debut of my nerd glasses.  I've been searching for the right pair forEVER and finally found some at Forever21 (aka: "Forevs" to me and my shopping friends)!!  Yipee!!! 
Forever21 never lets me down.  :)  A lot of people can't stand the store: they say the low prices are overwhelmed by the disorganization.  I like it: it matches my closet at home and my ADD brain.  Plus, the thrill of the hunt is important when shopping!
However, the BIGGEST selling point of Forever21 is that on the bottom of their bags, they have printed "John 3:16."  <3  <3  <3

Shirt: American Eagle (stolen from my hubs)
Belt: Forever21
Shorts: DIY
Glasses: Forever21
Ring: Target
Shoes: thrifted
Tights: ?
Socks: ?
Clutch: thrifted

THANKS for reading, as always!!!  LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!

Fotoshoot Fun

Or "Photoshoot Phun?"  Either way, I'm a dork.  Hopefully a loveable one.

Speaking of loveable: my great pal, Emilee is!!!  She is my artsy-fartsy friend: has a real degree in graphic design and everything.  One day she came over, and, as the sun was setting, we had a spur-of-the-moment photoshoot.  :)  She knows I like my lil blog here, so we managed to get three outfits photographed before we completely lost the light.

I'm going to present them all together in this one post, since I was really choosey with which photos I'd allow to be online (I'm not very photogenic), and therefore ended up editing the shoot down to just four photos.

First: the [illustrious] Outfit I Just Happened to be Wearing that day.

This is my favorite of all the shots, anyway.
Sweater: thrifted || Shorts: DIY || Shirtdress: thrifted || Shoes: thrifted || Bag: thrifted

Next: Short Skirt and Floppy Hat...hopefully, the result is elegant and chic.
Just an FYI: the tucked-in shirtdress has blue pinstripes that are hard to see.
Shirtdress: H&M || Skirt: Express || Clutch: Payless || Belt: H&M || Arm Party: thrifted || Hat: ?

Finally, a couple shots of GRUNGE.

Tank: Charlotte Russe || Flannel: stolen from hubs || Jewelry: thrifted || Jeans: Hot Topic || Combat Boots: ?

My favorite style, of course, is sleek and chic.  So of course it would happen to be gritty grunge that my body wears best. *sigh*  I always say that God has an ironic sense of humor. 
Anyone else have that problem? you like a certain style, but you wear another one "better?"

I love the eye Em has: the images all turned out very dynamic (if not always the most flattering of yours truly lol...I need some facial modeling classes)! 

Emilee did the photography and preliminary editing.
I did the fine-tuning.

Bravi, bravi Em!!!

That Girl Who Works at the Flower Shop...

HAT   I ORE... interview for a job at a flower shop.  I wanted to dress professionally, but not in boring, dark colors.  Basically, I wanted to look like a flower, like I belong among flowers (flowers are my favorite things in the world: I have vines and vases full of them all around my apartment). must've worked, because I GOT THE JOB
It's going to be a second job, and I'll only be working about 20 hours a week, but I've been battling with the "creative itch" (as I call it) that blogging--though a wonderful outlet--just doesn't seem to be enough to quell. 
My hope is that this job will involve enough exposure to people and time to fulfill my right brain.

I'm just so enamoured with the idea of being "that girl who works at the flower shop"...wearing pretty-but-practical clothes while flitting among vibrant flowers and sparkling baubles...*daydreaming* 
Before you warn me that it probably won't be like that, let me tell ya: I worked at a flower shop once before during my college days, and it pretty much was exactly like that!  :)  With a bit of heavy lifting thrown in there, too. haha

So.  The day I wore my bright pink cropped trousers (sorry if you're all sick of them appearing on this blog, 'cuz I never will be!) and printed blouse was dismal and drizzly...but I had to run a lot of errands besides my interview, so I put on my bright slacks and a smile.  :)  Hopefully my outfit--though not at all "cool," or "hip," or any similar adjectives--brightened other people's days as much as it did mine.
These femenine colors bookended by the dark brown of my hair and shoes really worked for me.  And I always love sporting a vintage bag. 
As it got a little chillier in the evening, I threw on my floral print wool scarf instead of the light off-white one along with my white faux leather jacket.

the (THRIFT-A-HOLIC) Rundown:
Pants: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Purse: thrifted
Blouse: thrifted
Shades: Target
Jacket: Wet Seal
Kercheif: thrifted
Scarf: thrifted

I'm a:


50s Magic...

My BFF Piera (<--click to check out her blog [which is not a style blog, but rather a blog full of her thoughtful, lilting-yet-forceful prose]) is GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND!!!  To another one of my good friends, Aaron.  Even better?  I'M THE ONE who totally set them up.  :)  I'm no cupid wannabe, and I usually don't mess around in other people's lives, but so far the two couples I've set up have gotten married.  Not a bad track record, if I do say so myself.

ANYway, we showered the bride-to-be this past weekend, and did it in 1950s style!  I dressed her, her sister, and myself to the nines!  The 50s is my favorite era in style--so femenine, and somehow classy and flirty all at once--so I had a lot of stuff in my closet to share!!!  I loved seeing the peices get used.

Ready for photo-overload?  I'm not sure I am, but here goes:

First, a few shots of my outfit.  It was a hit.  :)  People kept saying that if I had red hair, I would look just like Lucy from 'I Love Lucy.'  Fabulous.  :)  (I slept in curlers the night before: that's how dedicated I was to this! haha)

Then, a shot of me getting in an hysterical fight with the doggy:

She goes ape if someone's on the swings, but she's the gentlest, most passive puppy otherwise.  That's why I'm laughing so hard while she's scratching my ankles: I was completely taken aback! she's like the Two Face of the schnauser world.  The second I stepped off the swing, she sat down and wagged her tail like nothing had ever happened!  It makes me smile just remembering her tiny tantrum...


Now: some photos of my loverly friends (I made the photos look old, just for kicks...not super-authentic-looking, but still fun).

Emilee and Piera...don't they look just wonderful?  Em threw the shower.
 We made up that facinator just before leaving for the party!  Piera also borrowed my opera-length white gloves and my white faux fur wrap, but obviously couldn't keep them on for the length of the party.
Also: don't tell her that ladies in the 50s never crossed their legs! haha

The GORGEOUS Minte: sister of the bride-to-be and Maid of Honor

Piera proudly modeling our creation: a tissue-paper wedding gown complete with shoes, gloves, and veil

So: the shower was fun.  Pray that the wedding day is sunny!!!
I will leave you with one last photo (if you can handle it after all the other photo-spamming):

Poised with apron, whisk, and cookbook ready to please her husband by keeping house and cooking dinner and never questioning his

the Rundown:
Necklace/Bracelet/Earrings: gift
Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: gift
Bag: thrifted
Scarf: thrifted
Lipstick: Revlon

Flirting with Explosives

Sorry for the stupid face I pulled here...ick.

WOW!  Talk about your color explosion!  I never wear this much color...maybe I should try it more often.  :)  It's so happymaking.  So is wearing a pink top and red shoes: how often do you get to do that (and somehow still match? if you care about that sort of thing.)?

Anyway: here's my explosive welcome to Spring!  BAM! 

Have a beautiful day!

Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Target
Top: Gap
Hat: ?
Coat: thrifted
Bag: Relic
Shades: Aerie

un Sunday très Spécial

This was my outfit to visit relatives up north to celebrate Easter...I was nervous about the miniskirt (my family is conservative), but this look was a hit with them!
My little cousin, Brea, is 9 going on 19 (as my mother always says)...I started realizing that because I'm always dressed up whenever she sees me, she's started idolizing me ('cuz CLEARLY it's what's on the outside that counts).  That's a lot of pressure, especially seeing as how I can't even live up to my own standards...maybe I'll just wear sweats next time haha
 Anyway, a look in my favorite color scheme.  I'll sport it again sometime after my hair has grown back out...or if I give into my impatience and get extensions.  I think it'd look better with my long dark waves.  (I think most of my outfits would look better with my long dark waves.)

Skirt: Express
Shoes: thrifted
Beret: ?
Blouse: ?
Clutch: thrifted
Scarf: thrifted