Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

Monochromatic for Fall (And: helloooo new Louis bag!!!)

Never thought I'd be posting a sweatshirt and jeans outfit on my blog...
but when an outfit is an outfit, then it's an outfit! regardless of how "unspecial" its elements are.

...right?  Do you agree, my lovely readers?


Wanted to sport my new Goodwill purchase with a casual outfit to really bring it to the front.  :)  Not like its multicolored nature doesn't do that, anyway.

Like my monogrammed aviators?  The rhinestone "C" might be a bit much, but I loved the personal touch.  What do you all think?  Too much or no?

Sorry it's been so long since my last post!  I've been moving.  You'll get photos of my old apartment soon (this blog needs to branch out a bit more than just being photos of me), and photos of my new apartment (when I feel like its worth posting).  The flavors of the two are COMPLETELY different!

Bag: thrifted Louis Vuitton || Coat: JouJou || Collar : DIY || Sweatshirt: Target || Jeans: old || Boots: old || Gloves: my late grandmother's || Aviators: Wal*Mart || Watch: thrifted Rolex

For your amusement...I lost my balance and laughed...  :)

Lace Shorts in October

We have been blessed with a couple of warm, WARM days this week (pray it stays this lovely for my move this weekend).  Amazing for a Wisconsin Fall!  It was warm enough for shorts and t-shirts! 
So I got to debut the shorts I snagged off the end-of-season clearance rack at Marshall's a bit sooner than next year.  YAY!

I was seriously envying these lacey shorts on other girls this summer.  Most of my shorts are denim...more in the American classic laid-back style (which rocks: don't get me wrong), but I really wanted a pair of shorts that could be more ladylike, like these. 
I still kept their debut laid-back enough, though, by wearing a button-up (floral print, yes, but still...).

Cardi: Gap || Button-up: Target || Shorts: Marshall's || Boots: thrifted || Earrings: old || Bag: thrifted Nine West

The PIANO SIDEWALK. and a BIG thank-you!

My dear readers, I am filled with pleasure, pride, and gratitude to announce that...

I have over 100 followers! 
Having been blogging for just a year, with very limited funds/time and a crappy camera, and from my little place in the middle of nowhere, I can't even tell you how much this means to me! 

Now whenever my family members [rather snarkily] ask, "What's the point of this 'blogging' stuff?" I tell them, "Look at all the friends I'm making!  Look at all the people who care about what I share with them, and who share with me in return!  The coolest part?  I have a bunch of followers from other countries! direct connections with special people I never would have met any other way!" 
And who knows the wonderful places it'll go from here?  Social networking, FTW!  So I'm glad to just keep on keeping on: posting my blog posts, putting photos up on Instagram (@spritzy88), and sharing cool stuff on my Facebook page (link at right).  And this kind of feedback--100+ followers--makes the sharing even more fun.

So, my mom (who has been by far my staunchest supporter) took me out to lunch to celebrate my 100 followers.  :)  Here's the outfit I wore that day, incorporating a blouse she gave me to sort of honor her in return:

This is also the debut of my patterned pants from H&M.  :)  I was soooo excited to find a pair of patterned pants that I actually like and will be able to style with my pre-existing wardrobe.  And they're comfy, too.

As I'm posting these photos, I'm seeing the effects of Instagram and Pinterest and magazine subscriptions hahaha...

What I mean is that this is *gasp* a TRENDY outfit.
Patterned cropped pants, sexy statement shoes, a sheer hi-lo blouse, a cropped tuxedo jacket, burgundy lipstick, and even my bangs are all "IN" right now. 
Except for my Rolex and my eyes (lol), I don't think I'm wearing anything NOT trendy. 
How weird.

These photos were taken in the center square of a city next to my hometown.  Actually, the suburbs where I live are all kinda mushed together, sooo it's all kinda the same place, but I digress; the point is that the fountain and gazebo (which you've already seen) are lovely, annnnnnd the following photos showcase my favorite thing about this square:

And with that, dear readers, this post draws to its end.  :)  I'll put one more great big THANK YOU out there, throw out a quick Rundown, and see you later!
Jacket: thrifted (orig. from Target) || Blouse: gift || Pants: H&M || Shoes: thrifted (orig. from Charlotte Russe) || Watch: thrifted (Rolex)

Objects in Motion


Ever have a day when you're just totally feelin' your own look?
Like, you just sort of threw something on, and threw your hair all over the place, and it just somehow works, and you love how it looks/feels/makes your butt look, etc.?

Anyway, confession time: I am a purse whore.  I own waaaay too many of them, and I just keep buying more!  I can't stop myself!!!  Maybe I should join a support group.  Except the group would probably be mostly made of [already chatty] women, and we would just use it to talk about how cute each others' bags were, and it probably wouldn't help at all.
I think I'm a bit manic today. 
Possibly because I actually got some sleep last night.

I need to take a moment to ZOOOOOM  IN on the bag that inspired my purse-love today:

Little-known fact: I love (antique) maps and clocks.  So when I was looking around at Goodwill and found this lovely bag (which also happens to be great quality and the ideal size), I was more excited than when I found a Louis Vuitton just a few minutes later.

Fall is drawing swiftly to its close, but God gave us a beautiful, warm day today!  The air smells amazing, the sun is shining, and the leaves are blowing about and just waiting to be crunched underfoot...
Enjoy the season wherever you are, dear readers! 
THANKS from the bottom of my heart for stopping by!

Bag: thrifted || Shirt: old || Collar: DIY || Pants: Forever 21 || Shoes: old

Love is a Two-Way Street

Prior to the taking of these (again, unedited) photos, I have:
cut my own bangs with a paper scissors,
locked myself out of my apartment like the scatterbrain that I am, and
walked in the cold, cold rain. 
Good to know I can do all of that and still look this good.

This was Sunday, and it was a cold and rainy one, but I'm determined to make use of my right to bare legs (see what I did there?) as much as I can before it snows!!  So I took a strapless summer dress (a thrifted piece originally from Banana Republic) and put a sweater over it to make a more seasonally-appropriate look.

And in other news, this coat is GOOD, right?
It's nice for me to see that I can still use my older clothing items to create a fresh look.  And when I say "older," I'm not talking about a matter of months, here.  The shoes, coat, and sweater I've owned since high school (that was when my obsession with Audrey Hepburn first started, hence the basic black patent pumps, nice lines of the black sweater, and feminine skirted trench).
And as an aside, for any of you who like this kinda stuff, I have a cute little story:
These pumps were a gift from my first boyfriend. who also happens to have put a ring on it.  heehee Yup, that's right!  I'm married to my highschool sweetheart.
Watch This:

The title of this post was taken from the refrain of this song by Kimbra.  I'm obsessed with this artist!  Longer-time readers will recall that my folks gave me her CD, VOWS for my birthday.  I've been obsessed ever since.  And how about her fabulous style in this video??? That pale skin, those red lips, the heavy bangs, the out-of-this-world dress, those shoes...drooooool...

OMG, an unedited, extra-large photo of MY FACE.
Sweater: Kohl's || Scarf: thrifted || Belt: White House | Black Market || Dress (worn as skirt) thrifted Banana Republic || Shoes: Payless (gift from my hubby) || Coat: Forever 21