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Ever have a day when you're just totally feelin' your own look?
Like, you just sort of threw something on, and threw your hair all over the place, and it just somehow works, and you love how it looks/feels/makes your butt look, etc.?

Anyway, confession time: I am a purse whore.  I own waaaay too many of them, and I just keep buying more!  I can't stop myself!!!  Maybe I should join a support group.  Except the group would probably be mostly made of [already chatty] women, and we would just use it to talk about how cute each others' bags were, and it probably wouldn't help at all.
I think I'm a bit manic today. 
Possibly because I actually got some sleep last night.

I need to take a moment to ZOOOOOM  IN on the bag that inspired my purse-love today:

Little-known fact: I love (antique) maps and clocks.  So when I was looking around at Goodwill and found this lovely bag (which also happens to be great quality and the ideal size), I was more excited than when I found a Louis Vuitton just a few minutes later.

Fall is drawing swiftly to its close, but God gave us a beautiful, warm day today!  The air smells amazing, the sun is shining, and the leaves are blowing about and just waiting to be crunched underfoot...
Enjoy the season wherever you are, dear readers! 
THANKS from the bottom of my heart for stopping by!

Bag: thrifted || Shirt: old || Collar: DIY || Pants: Forever 21 || Shoes: old


  1. Lovely look :))
    I really like your pants :))

  2. love the collar!

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  3. Yes.. I have such days but unfortunately seldom ;(
    You look so cheerful <3
    x, Lara

  4. I adore this look! That collar is so cute! And the stripes and brown go really well together. It's a classic look that has a sort of vintage feel to it. If the sun were shining I could see you accessorizing with some cat eye sunnies! :) <3


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  6. grrr, I meant to buy some shirts from the jumble sale so I could make them into cute collara like yours. I love the whole look and the fact that the bag was thrifted makes it even cuter, it's acutally quite unusual

  7. I'm the same way with shoes! You found yourself a really unique bag there! Such a charming print! Love your collar necklace as well. Have an amazing weekend!

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  10. Nice outfit!

  11. Any day you truly love your outfit is a good one!
    The striped top is so cute!
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  12. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
    I follow you now!
    Follow me back on facebook ,twitter,and GFC
    love you dear :)

  13. Aww I want a collar like that! :)

  14. Love your gorgeous collar and classic trousers! This look is very Parisian. You always have the best locations for photos too!

  15. Such a cute outfit and that bag is amazing!! X


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