Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

The PIANO SIDEWALK. and a BIG thank-you!

My dear readers, I am filled with pleasure, pride, and gratitude to announce that...

I have over 100 followers! 
Having been blogging for just a year, with very limited funds/time and a crappy camera, and from my little place in the middle of nowhere, I can't even tell you how much this means to me! 

Now whenever my family members [rather snarkily] ask, "What's the point of this 'blogging' stuff?" I tell them, "Look at all the friends I'm making!  Look at all the people who care about what I share with them, and who share with me in return!  The coolest part?  I have a bunch of followers from other countries! direct connections with special people I never would have met any other way!" 
And who knows the wonderful places it'll go from here?  Social networking, FTW!  So I'm glad to just keep on keeping on: posting my blog posts, putting photos up on Instagram (@spritzy88), and sharing cool stuff on my Facebook page (link at right).  And this kind of feedback--100+ followers--makes the sharing even more fun.

So, my mom (who has been by far my staunchest supporter) took me out to lunch to celebrate my 100 followers.  :)  Here's the outfit I wore that day, incorporating a blouse she gave me to sort of honor her in return:

This is also the debut of my patterned pants from H&M.  :)  I was soooo excited to find a pair of patterned pants that I actually like and will be able to style with my pre-existing wardrobe.  And they're comfy, too.

As I'm posting these photos, I'm seeing the effects of Instagram and Pinterest and magazine subscriptions hahaha...

What I mean is that this is *gasp* a TRENDY outfit.
Patterned cropped pants, sexy statement shoes, a sheer hi-lo blouse, a cropped tuxedo jacket, burgundy lipstick, and even my bangs are all "IN" right now. 
Except for my Rolex and my eyes (lol), I don't think I'm wearing anything NOT trendy. 
How weird.

These photos were taken in the center square of a city next to my hometown.  Actually, the suburbs where I live are all kinda mushed together, sooo it's all kinda the same place, but I digress; the point is that the fountain and gazebo (which you've already seen) are lovely, annnnnnd the following photos showcase my favorite thing about this square:

And with that, dear readers, this post draws to its end.  :)  I'll put one more great big THANK YOU out there, throw out a quick Rundown, and see you later!
Jacket: thrifted (orig. from Target) || Blouse: gift || Pants: H&M || Shoes: thrifted (orig. from Charlotte Russe) || Watch: thrifted (Rolex)


  1. I love this look!
    Your pants and heels are adorable!!

  2. beautiful trousers!!

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  3. That is Awesome!
    Congrats! There certinly
    is naysayers out there
    asking why you do that
    blogging thing?! It is all
    about the connections we make!

    I absolutely LOVE that piano

  4. Haha, yes :D The fun of blogging is that you find like-minded people to communicate with :D
    And gratz on your over 100 followers :)!!!
    I followed you on Instagram, too. (@rocketraptor).
    I love those pants you're wearing ^^
    x, Lara

  5. Congratulations on your over 100 followers!! :)) I am so happy to be one of them, I really like your blog :) Those shoes are to die for, Beautiful :)

  6. Congrats!!!!!
    Lovely outfit!!!!
    Love pants and shoes!!!

  7. nice outfit
    shoes the best :)

  8. Lovee those pants!
    Great blog, following!
    xo ANnie

  9. What a cool piano sidewalk! Do people try to pretend play it?? LOL. I have those same pants. I haven't worn them yet, but I love the pattern too. And they are comfy! <3


  10. Congrats!! I love this photo set, it seems like a quirky lovely town. And your pants rock!


  11. You look amazing dear!
    Gorgeous blog! Following you on Bloglovin and GFC, hope you'll follow me back!<3


  12. Nice outfit! I love your pants!
    Kisses from:

  13. This look is super cute! I love the pants:)
    xx, Chelsea

  14. this city square is fab - it looks like a film set. Your outfit is great, love the shirt. I'm a bit instagram obsessed at the moment, although I avoid photos of cake and shoes, here's my account name thingy @claretini xxx

  15. thanks for sharing.


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