Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

Why are you my clarity?

This song.  Is my life right now.

Heh, I'm such a girl. ...but at least I'm a girl with really awesome boots.


Who doesn't LOVE this coat?  I bought it this weekend.  I am so in love with it. 
Wait 'til I'm able to really feature it'll really see why, then.
Forward.  It's where and how I'm going. 

Painting the World with my Kooky Paintbrush

It was 23 degrees this day, but
a.) I was in a colorful mood, and
b.) I could not WAIT to wear the shoes I had gotten the day before!!!

I'm a crazy person, yes indeed.

Where to start gushing about this outfit?  +sigh+  I just love every bit of it!  The blazer, shoes, and necklace are all brand new additions to my wardrobe, and I couldn't be happier!  I've been on the hunt for those things for awhile (a colorful blazer, a necklace to go under collars of collared shirts [specifically this denim one], and THESE SHOES). 

The shoes, OK, OK, we all know that I'm a shoe gal, so I'll really give them some typed lovin' here: 

I have been craving these shoes (in black) since before Prabal Gurung for Target even launched.  Of course, the black were the first to sell out, +sigh+ so instead I scoured thrift stores for something similar.  There were some shoes I found that could have been similar with some minor surgery, but they just lacked something that couldn't be fixed.  Like, too short of a heel, or not being minimal enough (it's the lack of actual shoe that makes these shoes so sexy and perfect lol), or whatever. 

So then, when I had all but given up hope, I found this pair at Goodwill with the tags still attached!!!!  I was amazed.  But then I looked at the size, and my heart dropped.  They were a 7.5.  I'm at LEAST an 8.5--usually a 9--but I couldn't help myself; I tried them on, anyway. 

Oh. My. God.  They fit.

No idea what face I'm making, here...

And then, of course, there's this necklace.  I was inspired by an Instagram photo posted by Forever21 awhile ago to find myself a necklace to fancy-up-but-not-fancy-up button up shirts.  ...You know what I mean? kinda? maybe?  Well, whatever.  This necklace is exactly what I was going for.  And it's not something that I would've just picked out in the store (if I didn't have a specific purpose)...which probably means that I will find myself wearing it constantly.

Anybody else experience that? 
The ironic, sort of unexpected bits of your wardrobe end up being worn the most?

Hat: thrifted || Jeans: H&M || Blazer & Necklace: JCP || Bag: Target || Shirt: thrifted (orig. Target) || Lipstick: Revlon || Shoes: thrifted (orig. Prabal Gurung for Target)


Sweet Nothin'

Here's something a little strange: I was doodling at work, and just sort of drew a girl in today's outfit.  I was excited about it, I guess.  :)

And please forgive the glaring anatomy errors: I was drawing in pen.  At least she has two of everything she needs to have two of.

Don't you love this faux fur vest I found at Goodwill???  I do. 

I wish you could feel it (...that's not creepy-sounding at all...); it's ridiculously soft!  Wearing it is like being hugged by a hundred chinchillas at once (...'cuz I totally know how that feels...).  Heavenly. 

And it has toasty warm pockets, too!

I hope y'all aren't getting sick of this bag, yet! 'cuz I'm obviously not...

Please don't forget to:

Vest & Top: Goodwill || Skinnies: Forever 21 || Boots: Charlotte Russe || Bag: Target