Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

the Past

I used to shop in the boys' department for clothes and--though I was not much larger then than I am now--would purchase a size Large t-shirt or sweatshirt (I don't think I wore anything but t-shirts and sweatshirts).  I wore mostly black, never had my hair trimmed or my nails painted, I wouldn't have known what "vintage" or "chic" meant.  I would have been completely baffled by someone using the term "pump" when speaking of footwear.  Pink was, in fact, a most hated color. 
I desperately tried to hide the fact that I even had legs, let alone a body with a feminine shape.

But, as Frank Sinatra once exhuberantly sang, "Oh, look at me now!"

As a general disclaimer, I don't pretend to be especially knowledgeable about clothes, design, fashion, trends, style, or what-have-you.  I just kinda like to dress up.  It's just for me, myself, and I.  And, I guess, for anyone who happens to come across me on a daily basis or stumble across my insignificant little blog.

I have only been really developing a personal style (encompassing clothes, accessories, hair, and makeup) for a brief time now, but I feel I have come quite far from my humble beginnings. I'm still growing and learning, and look forward to continuing that trend for the rest of my life.

If you like it, cool.  If you love it, great!  If you hate it, I would appreciate critique.