Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!


Soooooo anyone besides me ever do an entire little photoshoot (which, in my case, calling what I do a "photoshoot" is really wishful thinking lol) and then realize something, MY BAG WAS BACKWARDS THE WHOLE TIME.  #likeaboss  #winning
But oh well.  I'm wearing lots of jewelry, a little white fur, and the wold's most rockin' awesome little booties, so life couldn't have been that bad, even if little things went wrong.  Right?  Right.

Pin-up-y for Valentine's Day

What better day to bust out a petticoat than for Valentine's Day?  If there was EVER a day to get pin-up chic-ified, V-day is IT!!!  Amiright?

(PS: WOW this post is late.  Oops.  I guess I was just too busy livin' the dream  ;)  forgot to update the bloggity-blog.)

Winter Pastels

It was too cold to take pictures outside after I got home from work, so I figured I'd climb all over the countertops instead.  ;)

Business Chic: boy meets girl [again]

Sorry these pics are so blurry......I was definitely standing in my side yard with my iPhone balanced on my garbage can lid.  #likeaboss  #...orsomething  #yolo?

Warm Colors for a Cold Winter

Autumnal shades saw me through the whole first part of winter, actually--it was 40 degrees on Christmas day!!!  Which is, like, unheard of up here in da nort' (dare I add a "yah, dere hey!"..?). 
But I promise we're making up for it now.  As I type, my phone tells me it is an exhilerating 3 DEGREES (which is spoiling me, because our forecasted high was 2 degrees), and it "feels like -13 degrees."

And, yes, many my wintertime posts will contain some sort of commentary on the weather (lol it IS the chief topic of conversation in these parts since we're all, you know, a little focused on trying to NOT DIE.  We're "hardy." <--read as "absolutely insane" )