Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

A very hairy Christmastime

Once upon a time, I found the most amazing "big-ass coat from the thrift shop down the road."  (*SHOUTOUT--Macklemore!!! That song is my liiiiiiiiiife!*)  It seems only fit to put on my mirrored shades, a coat of slick red lipstick, and mean-mug like a boss while wearing it.


I AM NOT DEAD.'s been awhile. Like...almost a year. �� That's rather inexcusable on my part, but I hope that I can rekindle some of the relationships I've let go. ��

Anyway, here's an outfit from back in fall. But it's what I've been doing a lot of lately--denim and white with gold jewelry.  I go through phases, you know?  I always have.  So I guess 'classic american' was my phase for this past summer.  Mostly because I spent most of my time heavily under the influence of Lana del Rey.

Red, White...and Rainy.

What does a girl need to wear to a picnic on a dreary day?  A bright red hat, of course!

A little twenties flavor never hurt anyone, either.  Like my faux bob?

Collab with HOUSE of FRASER! OMG!

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

I recently had the exciting opportunity to contribute to a couple of new projects!!!  

I'll be posting the fruits of these labors over the next few days, starting with this incredible post written by Emily of the House of Fraser.

I am SO HONORED to be featured next to the other incredible beauty bloggers they took thoughts from!  (I totally don't deserve being included in their company, but shhhhhhh...don't tell them that! heehee...)  There are amazing tips in this post! including how to do 50s-inspired makeup on different face shapes, and how to do 50s-inspired makeup in a flattering way for different hair colors and complexions.  

This is, like, the compilation beauty junkies have been waiting for!!!

 OMG, OMG, so much LOVE!!!! 

Much thanks to Emily, Jennifer, 
and all the beauty gurus 
who contributed to this project.

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