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Business Chic: boy meets girl [again]

Sorry these pics are so blurry......I was definitely standing in my side yard with my iPhone balanced on my garbage can lid.  #likeaboss  #...orsomething  #yolo?

So.  I adore this outfit, and I wish you could see it better, but these pics are the pics I got.  :-/
I used to hold off on posting outfits if I didn't like how the "photoshoot" turned out (usually a process akin to the one I just described), but I've realized something about myself: there are very few outfits I will wear more than once.

Now, before I sound like a snooty something-or-other, I was thinking about this the other day; I realized that I don't wear outfits only once because Anna Dello Russo told me to--ain't nobody got money for that.  (I wear all the individual pieces more than once, of course!)

The reason, I think, is because once I put together the pieces into an outfit, I've already been inspired in that way.  Now I need to see another way to use those pieces.  That's why fashion and style inspire me.  I use it for a creative outlet.  And yeah, for sure I love to shop, but I ALSO love to shop my own closet--how can I wear this old piece in a new way?  Sometimes, that's even more inspiring, right? :)

Like, I've had this shirt for two years, and the shoes? um......since high school...sooooooo 6 years?
Skirt is new-to-me from the Goodwill (whoop-WHOOP); blazer is via Target.
(I'm so fancy.  ....Really. I swear.)

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