Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

It's black, and it's white.

Coworkers and customers were all like, "What do you call that style?"  I responded, "It's the I've-worked-here-for-two-weeks-so-now-I-can-actually-dress-like-my-weird-self look."

Ways to Wear an LWD

One is constantly hearing about the LBD.  It's a classic, and a staple for sure.  BUT we mustn't forget it's lighter counterpart: the little WHITE dress (or LWD, as I call it).
As a girl who wears white a lot, I find this to be more versatile and essential even than the LBD.  It's definitely easier to transition from day to night than an LBD.

Here are SIX ways to wear an LWD!  

Wicked Cool