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Hats Off

Here's me today.
Quirky, yet clean-cut.  Black and white but not boring, which is good, because it's rainy and gross, and I'm exhausted.  It's been a long week, but dressing up helps me cheer up.
The long shirt and tall hat are balanced out by the cropped tuxedo jacket and heavy metal booties.

I hate my profile...but the hat is so lovely from the side.
Hat: shop-i-cant-remember-sorry
Sunglasses: thrifted
Bag: thrifted Louis Vitton
Gloves: thrifted

Jacket: thrifted
Fur Coat: thrifted
Shirt: ?
Tank: H&M (I live in them.)
Leggings: ?
Booties: Charlotte Russe

Inspiration for today

Schoolgirl Chic

Hello!  Went a little bit schoolgirl today.  But (hopefully) not in a porno-costumey way: in a DKNY/Vera Wang kind of way.  Next time I'll try a Juicy Couture punk-schoolgirl thing.  It seems comfy.  :)
This outfit needs refining...when it's not winter, and I don't have to wear leggings to keep from freezing, we'll see what I can do.

Bag: thrifted Louis Vuitton
Sweater: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Leggings: ?
Shoes: ?
Scarf: gift

Detail of Shoes
Majorly inspired for today by this blog.  Found it yesterday.  This girl is beautiful!  Makes simple, stylish ensembles and has the most gorgeous skin!

made a phenomenal haul!

Can you believe it???  Louis Vuitton and Prada!!! 
Never thought I would find them in my thrifty corner of the world...I'm beyond thrilled.
The plaid skirt in the corner is a preview of my outfit for tomorrow.

Anyway, I've never done the whole "mood board" thing...but I've got a few photos that fit my mood.  I don't think this counts even as a collage, much less a mood board, but I'm just gonna throw the photos out there anyway.

Just as I suspected: I MAKE NO SENSE.

Those Prada shoes are to die for, though.  They're based off of a '50s automobile.  And Stargate is definitely the movie of the month: my ADD brain forces me to play it over and over again while I'm at work.  The score must gel with my brainwaves...that, and I developed a huge celebrity crush on Jaye Davidson...most gorgeous androgynous man I've ever seen!

To be, or not to be S E R I O U S

Today I have made the serious decision to take myself seriously.  Well, if I don't, nobody else will.  I'm through with being bashful about my passions. 
I am passionate about style. 
I am passionate about art. 
I am passionate about theatre.

My Resolutions:
(Yes, I am aware I'm a few days early for New Years resolutions. lol This is a completely separate issue.)

I will no longer shrug my shoulders about this blog and disclaim, "It's no big thing, just a silly little hobby of mine."  I will pose with pride and show off my style and myself.  I will be creative and open myself up to possible ridicule.  I will become involved with theatre again if it kills me.  I will perform.

Of course, even as I type I am already losing faith in myself: putting these thoughts in print makes me wonder if I'm just self-absorbed and vain...I'm no model, I'm not Lady Gaga, nobody knows my name, I'm ignorant and silly...but I have to keep reminding myself that that's not what this is about.  It's about unabashedly being me, liking what I like, and doing what I have been created to do.  I'm a sinner if I don't.

I need to believe that I am enough.

Like my sparkly nails?  What I love about this OPI polish is that it's so saturated with glitter, it takes only two coats to get tips of solid sparkle!  Very festive for New Years, I think.

Hat: thrifted
Kerchief: thrifted
Shirt: hubby's
Belt: H&M
Skinnies: Kohl's
Boots: Forever21


It's the most wonderful time of the year!

My cousin, Shawn (standing next to me) always goes all-out for our White Elephant gift exchange! 
Also: that's my mama sitting in the chair on the lefthand side of the photo and my sweet Aunt Kathy on the floor.

Christmas Eve
(The long-awaited counter-parts to the bracelet I was given for our first anniversary:
matching white topaz earrings and ring!)
Dress: Kohl's
Scarf: thrifted
Leggings: ?
Boots: thrifted

Sweater: ?
Scarf: thrifted
Skinnies: Kohl's
I later exchanged this scarf for a homemade one from my "sister" Wendy.  :)  It's beautiful!


O, Tannenbaum! 
Our small but beautiful tree...which we somehow got up ALL THE STAIRS to our flat.
It's Chrismas magic, I'm telling you!

The gingerbread house we made from scratch!
My family has been making these for 28 years (so for longer than I've been alive);
it was fun to include hubby for the first time!


Christmas is my favorite time of the year. 
This one had its ups and downs, but we still got to decorate a tree, laugh with family, bake cookies, and give thanks.

That '70s...Sweater?

Alternative title: THRIFT-A-HOLIC

I like this look better than anything I've done since the Nerds I & II.  I felt fabulous and slightly daring when I donned my voluminous fur coat and oversized sunglasses to make my entrance into the world this snowy morning.

This is a thrifted sweater...I think it's a man's/boy's sweater?  Look at that glorious, rich color!  And, for an expeiment, I wore my prize find thrifted scarf pinned with a brooch I also thrifted. 
The only thing that keeps this look from pleasing me completely: I tried pinning the brooch a million different ways, but I was always underwhelmed at the result.  Plus, I didn't want to overtax/overpin my scarf. 

Why do my looks always seem so boring and lifeless in photos?
(Maybe because my aunt is not a professional photographer, her condo does not have studio lighting, and I have never taken a modeling course...those things hopefully have something to do with it.)

Scarf: thrifted (Christian Dior for a quarter!)
Brooch: thrifted
Sweater: thrifted
Shirt: Kohl's
Earrings: thrifted
Cuff: thrifted
Skinnies: Forever21
Boots: thrifted
Bag: gift
Gloves: thrifted

Preppy Princess

suuuuuuper-preppy  :)  Can you handle it?  Though I'm pleased to report that wearing baby pink has made feel and act all-around sweeter today.
I do wish that my other button-up had been clean, though: this one sits funny under a sweater.

Headband: ?
Sweater: thrifted
Button-up: ?
Pearls: gift
Jeans: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted (see detail below)

I adore this bag!  It's a present from a dear friend, so I wanted to feature it.

I PROMISE YOU: I never purchase something just because it's monogrammed; only if I like it for what it is.

That being said, I thought it was ironic how both my key accessories jumped on the monogram train today.  :)

the Lace Blazer

First time I've worn this, and it's been hanging in my closet for alomost a year! I had to wear it, or my conscience would have forced me to give it away haha...
This outfit was a win, because it took me evey place I needed to go that day: even last-minute plans were no sweat.

Blazer: ?
Button-up: Express
Jeans: thrifted
Boots: Michael Kohrs
Pearls: gift

Imitation No.2

Yesterday was Uma Thurman, today is Kate Moss.  Easy, breezy chic.  Or, at least, I flatter myself to think the look is chic on me.  I only wish I could put on her legs, too...
I've been imitating others these past two posts.  Maybe next post, I'll be brave enough to do Me.  :)

Blazer: MaxRave
Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace: ?
Jeans: Target
Shoes: ?

My Pulp Fiction

I was thinking today: do I not take myself seriously because I'm a realist? or because others don't take me seriously?  I think that I need to get serious about myself.  I need to decide what I am and be it, regardless of the cost, regardless of how unrealistic it is...because if I believe in what I'm doing, there's less chance I'll fail.  And maybe I'll be happy. even if I fail.

Anyway: took a page out of Uma Thurman's wardrobe book.  Pulp Fiction: it's a classic look!  Men's shirt and black leggings.  Of course, I didn't go barefoot lol, and I added a scarf.  My hair and face are a mess, but I love this outfit.

Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Leggings: Kohl's
Shoes: thrifted
Scarf: thrifted

Into the Night with Armani Exchange

Sprucing Up an Old Favorite Shirt

Not sure what this is--but it feels good.
A little bit Western, a little bit Cockney, a little bit Menswear, a little bit Rustic...I can't "diagnose" my look today, but isn't that what makes style style? its uniqueness? 
I'm working towards the day when I will feel completely un-hypocritical calling myself "stylish."

Hat: thrifted
Scarf: thrifted
Shirt: Forever21
Vest: Target
Belt: H&M
Jeans: Spoon denim
Boots: Forever21

Frumpy Chic

Frumpy Chic
My first time experimenting with ...too much fun!

Madewell polka dot shirt
$85 -

Cotton tank top
$35 -

DAKS wool skirt
£95 -

Yves Saint Laurent suede high heels
$795 -

Proenza Schouler satchel bag
$1,595 -

Rolex vintage watch
$3,950 -

American Apparel hair bow accessory
$14 -