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To be, or not to be S E R I O U S

Today I have made the serious decision to take myself seriously.  Well, if I don't, nobody else will.  I'm through with being bashful about my passions. 
I am passionate about style. 
I am passionate about art. 
I am passionate about theatre.

My Resolutions:
(Yes, I am aware I'm a few days early for New Years resolutions. lol This is a completely separate issue.)

I will no longer shrug my shoulders about this blog and disclaim, "It's no big thing, just a silly little hobby of mine."  I will pose with pride and show off my style and myself.  I will be creative and open myself up to possible ridicule.  I will become involved with theatre again if it kills me.  I will perform.

Of course, even as I type I am already losing faith in myself: putting these thoughts in print makes me wonder if I'm just self-absorbed and vain...I'm no model, I'm not Lady Gaga, nobody knows my name, I'm ignorant and silly...but I have to keep reminding myself that that's not what this is about.  It's about unabashedly being me, liking what I like, and doing what I have been created to do.  I'm a sinner if I don't.

I need to believe that I am enough.

Like my sparkly nails?  What I love about this OPI polish is that it's so saturated with glitter, it takes only two coats to get tips of solid sparkle!  Very festive for New Years, I think.

Hat: thrifted
Kerchief: thrifted
Shirt: hubby's
Belt: H&M
Skinnies: Kohl's
Boots: Forever21

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