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love my grandma...

I wasn't going to post anything today, but a.) I think I'm addicted, and b.) I realized I needed to SHARE THE LOVE I have for this green sweater-coat.
My grandma (still living, and still my style icon at 80 years old) knit it.  SHE KNIT THIS.  Do you see the perfect intricate cableing? the wide and strikingly striped collar? the standout cuffs? the smoothly fitted band? the glorious green colors????
And the best part is: she knit this for herself. And it fit her perfectly when she was younger.  One day a few years ago she looked at me and said, "Cates, you're the only one in my family that this might fit."  I tried it on, and I never wear green, but ohhhh this sweater-coat fits me so well!  It's got a lot of style and pinache, and yet is still elegant (just like grandma), even in that oh-so-'70s green.  What a treasure.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, but I love my grandma, Merilyn!

Sweater-coat: handmade by grandma
Sweater: Target
Tank: H&M
Jeans: Target
Boots: Target
Scarf: ?
Earings: thrifted (I love them, so.)

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