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Nerdy Skirt

This was a beautiful day: both weather-wise and event-wise.  I took a nice long walk with my hubby and visited his family to watch the Packer game.

My burnished silver metallic cut-out shoes originally from Aldo. I had to buy new laces, but otherwise I'm pretty sure whoever had them before I did hardly wore them! Her loss, poor, unfortunate soul.
 I love Fall layers...denim shirt, leather coat, plaid skirt, and fun pops of color in my accessories!

The skirt is kinda nerdy, really, but I love the pattern and texture! 
I'm trying to dress like me, again. 
I know it sounds silly to blame a thing like this, but Lookbook really started to mess with my personal style; I thrifted thinking in my head, "Ooh! I don't really care for this, but it would get a lot of hypes on Lookbook!"  Whenever I catch myself thinking that kind of thing, I back off of whatever is causing it.  [I've said since the start of this blog that it's not primarily a FASHION blog, but rather a STYLE blog.]  So, I've stopped going on Lookbook completely.  Lookbook could have been a wonderful fashion and style tool, but I'm tired of seeing all the emaciated women wearing slutty clothes getting all the love! Ripped fishnets are not innately stylish; showing off long, thin legs does not mean a woman has pinache. Yes, of course I am jealous of those legs and the money required to buy all brand new designer denim to clothe those legs in, but that is not my chief qualm with Lookbook: my biggest problem is the lack of originality.  There are so many women who are regarded as international fashion plates who I respect and admire and so many pictures in magazines that I really don't believe would get majorly hyped on Lookbook (if they were unknowns like me).  And really, what are hypes to tell you what is cool and what is not?
Sorry for the rant, but it's been on my mind since I read similar thoughts on another blog I really like recently. 
Has anyone else had a problem with Lookbook?
or something similar?  

Skirt: thrifted || Purse: old || Scarf: old || Shoes: thrifted (orig. Aldo) || Shirt: H&M || Sunnies: Marshall's (orig. American Eage Outfitters) || Belt: White House | Black Market || Jacket: gift


  1. Lovely skirt! And I agree what you said about lookbook..!

  2. Love your look! Rant away...we all need to sometimes. I have noticed on all sites Lookbook-esque tend to showcase similar styles. You just have to continue to be yourself and influence the people that follow that. In the end you will stand out more than, the people that all look the same. Hope you have a great day!


  3. My prob with Lookbook is that it doesn't work (I'm not able to edit my profile, never been :D). In Lookbook and any other similar site the politics are pretty much like "Hype me and I will hype you back" circles are living their own life. I guess if you have luck, you can get lots of hypes for a cool outfit but usually the hypes go for the one who hyped 1000 "I hype back"-peeps yesterday ;)
    x, Lara

  4. Skirt is gorgeous and I love your shoes <3

  5. Lovely skirt!.it's very gook-looking. in winter you can need a Womens Sheepskin Leather Down Coat. you can have a look.i think something is suit you.

  6. Great shoes and whole outfit :))

  7. love your cut-out shoes!!


  8. your outfit is great!


  9. I LOVE your rant! It's so true, there really is no originality on Lookbook. It's just all about how many fans that particular person has, never mind their outfit. I don't think you look nerdy at all, in fact I'm a big lover of anything pleated. By the way, those shoes are amazing!

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  10. I actually steered clear of an item of clothes this evening at the mall because my first thought was, "that looks like a fashion blogger's shirt."


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