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Suspense, Courage, and Truth (feat. Hank Green of the vlogbrothers)


I love this video. LOVE IT. 
Despite the fact that I wrote an entire essay in college about how "creation/being creative/creating" is not something that's actually possible for human beings, since there is "nothing new under the sun," but in the case of this video, it's not about the wording; it's about the concept.  The marvelous, truthful, terrible concept.
Also, jussayin, I love the vlogbrothers, too.  If you haven't already checked out ALL THE VIDEOS on YouTube, DO IT.

While we're on the subject of creation, I wanted to re-bring up this whole spiel:

I need your help for a series I want to do!

If you have a piece of art that you like, please tell me the name of it and its artist (you can email me or leave it in the comments below).
I want to do a series of outfits inspired by pieces of art (not where I try to look like whoever is in the painting, but where I wear an outfit in the same color pallette that attempts to evoke the same feeling). 
If I choose your idea, you'll definitely get the credit for it and a link to your blog/site in my post.

There's no time constraint to this thing, fact, I'll probably be re-posting this little spiel for the next few blogposts so I get as many ideas as possible, because I've always loved art, but I'm not very knowledgeable about it, so I'm looking forward to getting your input and getting exposed to new artists.
Sooooooo...yeah.  Onto my outfit.
Just a quick peek at a casual thing.  I was going out for burgers and drinks with a big group of friends; it was a fun time!
That's my friend, Laura's cute bag: not mine (sadly...haha).
Again speaking of "creation," I don't know what came over me, but all of a sudden I was hyper-editing my photos!  I guess it's 'cuz my friend, Emilee's (who took the photos) crazy artsy angles just sort of make a person's brain go in a crazy artsy direction.

My legs have never looked so long!!!  Holy cow, Em! 
(She was definitely laying on the floor for this shot lol talk about dedication!)
There was one more photo that I couldn't settle on which editing job I liked best, so I'll let you decide, dear readers! 
Your two assignments for today (haha):
~Let me know which of these
two photos you like better. ~
~Let me know the title and artist of a
piece of art to copycat in clothing.~

Scarf: thrifted || Shirt: Target (old) || Suspenders: thrifted || Jeans: old || Shoes: Target


  1. Oh pretty and inspiring look! I like those jeans by the way, they look GREAT on you! Very chic :) And about those photos, I like the second one :)

  2. I love those suspenders. They add edge to any look! (I have them too but I always forget to use them!)
    x, Lara

  3. What a great French vibe :D

  4. Wowza! I wish my legs were that long! The heels just add to it, you look like a model :)
    I've always enjoyed Claude Monet's Pond of Water Lilies painting, so very pretty. I love editing photos too. I can't decide which of yours I like better though! They both have such a different feel to them...I think for this ensemble I like the black and white.

  5. The second, but of all the shots the first crazy-angle one is my fave. I I'll think of another good piece of artwork....

  6. I love your style. Beautiful pictures and words!

  7. Love this outfit! Your idea for art inspired posts remind me of Trust Your Style's art series. She has been posting outfits inspired by artwork for quite a long time now. Definitely worth checking out.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}


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