Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

Little dots in a big world.

Only two photos of this outfit: sorry!  I had a busy day [so my grandpa snapped these in his living room].  :)  Work, errands for work, a haircut (after these photos were taken: sorry), and then dinner and a movie with my Mama.  We saw "The Artist," which I knew was going to be incredible, and OH was it ever!  I loved it!  So did my mom.  Have any of you guys seen it???

Anyway, I was slightly nervous that this dress was "costumey" somehow, but then I thought, well, I like it, so I'm going to wear it!  The old adage "Feel good, look good!" is continually proven to me; this dress was no exception and was [happily] very well-received.  Plus, wearing your highest heels in your favorite color, a beret, and "Coco Mademoiselle" by Chanel (my new favorite scent) is just a total recipe for feeling fly! not to mention toting your vintage Louis Vuitton...

...I just read over that last paragraph. 
I feel the need to explain something: for a plain little girl with not much money living in the middle of hicksville, it's a dream come alive that I can say things like "Chanel" and "Louis Vuitton" without adding "-look-a-like" or "-knockoff" on the end.  So I really hope my name-dropping isn't all snobby-sounding...I just never even thought that someone in my financial/geographical situation would ever be able to have those sorts of things, so I can't seem to help myself!  :)
THANK YOU thrift stores!!!

Dress: thrifted || Beret: thrifted || Shoes: Target || Coat: ? || Handbag: thrifted || Sunglasses: H&M

Audrey-Gone-Rock (Subtitled: a Little Bit Chanel)

Apparently also Subtitled: Fun Poses for You!!!

I love this outfit.  It gives a nod to high fashion with a mixture of texture (bracade shoes, tulle skirt, cotton tee) and unexpected juxtapositions (pearls + AC/DC = what?), but it's totally wearable!  Miraculous.  Soooo happy it jumped out of my closet today. 

JUST NOW also Subtitled: Classy and Sassy.

SO.  After I took my shoes off to snap this shot, a gust of wind blew one of them off the deck railing, and it toppled into a flowering bush below!  Poor thing; and this was it's first outing, too!  Hopefully it won't be too scared to come out and play again, soon.  So I had to go on an excursion to find it.  By the end, it and I were covered in little white petals and pollen, but the whole thing was worth it, because I got to pull a 'Holly Golightly' in my Audrey-gone-rock ensemble and say "There you are, you sneak!" to a black kitten-heeled shoe.  Too perfect.
Did some baby-doll makeup to go with this outfit: plenty of blush, plenty of shine, plenty of mascara!

L-O-V-E this new lipstick!  It's the perfect shade of coral!
Also: real quick: I need to feature my nails!!!  I took these polishes:
both are by Sinful Colors
(the one in back is just a generic clear topcoat)
And created a metallic gradient effect on my tips.

Sweet, huh?
Anyway, I've put you guys through enough this post.  I mean, you had to deal with TWO photos of my face; I realize the usual one is rough enough, so I'll just throw the Rundown out there and sign out!  Love you all! 

Tee: ? || Skirt: Charlotte Russe || Sunnies: H&M || Shoes: vintage || Bag: Nine West || Belt: Express || Collar: H&M || Necklace (worn as bracelet): gift

Hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day [long] weekend.
Hug all the American Heroes you know EVERY day!

I can tell who you are...

I met two of my best girlfriends at Applebee's (yay!) wearing this outfit.  After I walked in, got funny looks, sat and ordered an L.I.T., my friend Emilee said, "I could tell it was you because of your clothes before I could even see your face!"  haha...

Rant Time.  Feel free to skip these paragraphs of tiny type if you want.
As much as I take that as a compliment, I'm starting to worry a bit about my outfits/mindset.  They're getting, as Alice said, 'curiouser and curiouser,' further away from the elegant-chic look I truly respect and want.  I feel like I've been taking things out of my closet and putting them on to get a reaction, not to celebrate my style.  And the whole point of this is supposed to be: "It's not about them; it's about me."  (<---Everyone needs a place where they can do/think/feel that, right?) 
Ever notice how, when you really want someone's approval and try really hard to get it, you end up trying waaaay too hard and just being weird around them, and they end up being the only person whose approval you simply cannot get?  Well, that's kinda what I've been doing with fashion. and dressing. and Lookbook. 
Basically, I need to stop caring if people "hype" my looks on Lookbook ('cuz what's that really worth, anyway?), and just start dressing for myself. 
I need to stop caring if my outfit will/will not photograph well, 'cuz that's not what it's about. 
I need to wear little dresses and pretty shoes and pearls and hats--because that's the essence of ME--and stop caring if it's "impressive," stop trying too hard, 
because when you force fashion, you look like a fool.

Not saying I looked like a fool this day, though.  :)  At least, I hope not!

Finally!  A photo where you can see the actual shade of my favorite candy-pink lipstick (which I wear often, but my camera never picks up ['cuz it's not a very good camera]).
This look gives a slightly decomposing, very organic lolita-type impression.  In fact, I'm especially in love with my discovery that I could wrap my long strand of pearls around my wrist (and around and around and around...).

Love this top...And LOOK! I'm wearing two skirts!

Hat: ? || Top: Express || Tan Skirt: Charlotte Russe || White Skirt (underneath): Forever 21 || Socks: Target || Shoes: thrifted || Pearls (on wrist): Forever 21 & gifted || Pearl Necklace: thrifted || Bangles: thrifted

The Simple Things (subtitled: Neon Me)

Every so often that illustrious day comes around: that summer afternoon when you allow yourself the luxury of wearing just a simple, comfy tee and shorts.  What makes that kind of day even better?  When your shorts are neon and fabulous!!!  :)

Neon was HUGE this Spring, but I never figured myself a really "neon" kind of person.  And I staunchly declare this to be a "style" blog, not a "fashion" blog (I don't have the money to keep up with trends; plus, why ignore your personal style/opinions just to wear what you're "supposed" to wear?).  Buuuut when "fashion" can be found at your local Goodwill for $2.00, how can any self-respecting dresser say 'no?'
Plus, it gave me a means to finally style these blue lace-up wedges I found awhile ago at H&M.

Speaking of H&M, that's also where I found those fantastic sunglasses.  Here is a detail shot of my sunnies and bracelet:

All-in-all, though I thought I wasn't a "neon" type of gal, I was quite pleased with my purchase of these shorts, and had fun with the styling thereof.  Lesson learned:

Your personal style (in fact, your personality, I believe) is bigger and more expansive than you even think it is; experiment with fashion fads! 
Never be afraid to surprise yourself.

Tee: American Eagle Outfitters || Shorts: thrifted || Belt: thrifted || Bracelet: gifted || Sunnies: H&M || Shoes: H&M || Necklace: gifted || Clutch: thrifted

French Poodle--100th POST!

Happy 100th Post! 
Here's a great big hug and thank-you to all my readers, old and new: thanks for caring about my little corner of the blog-iverse.

Heehee I wanted to get one of those very French, VERY-posed-but-supposed-to-be-nonchalant pictures.  You know?  Where the lady looks vain and proud but not haughty?  And she's doing something ridiculous that actually isn't funny but somehow attractive?  I hope you know what I mean.
And those pictures always seem to include a French Poodle (in a bedazzled collar)...probably because the feeling is one of those "remotely alluring" French-chic type things.  Well, I didn't have a poodle at my disposal, but I nonetheless had a fantastic four-legged costar available to me: my golden retriever, Penny! 
I wish her leash was a bit prettier, but you take what you can get. 

Ain't she a cutie?  I love her so.

Anyway, this outfit was inspired by my new shoes.  I loooove T-straps, and I loooove pink, and I loooove saddle shoes.  And, lo and behold: these are pink, T-strap, 3-inch-heeled saddle shoes!!!!  I could hardly breathe when I discovered them; it's like they were made just for me!  What a treasure.

The color of my footwear corresponded marvelously with this robin's egg shell in the grass.

my 50s glamour girl pose
So to go with my well-shoed feet, I had to wear other nice things on the rest of my body: my very favorite and most Audrey Hepburn-like LBD, my most vintage of handbags in its beautifully unsullied white, dainty lace gloves, pearls dripping from my neck and wrists, and sweet candy-pink lipstick.

Have a beautiful day! 
Thanks for reading my 100th post!

Dress: Gap || Belt: White House | Black Market || Pearls: thrifted & gifted ||
Gloves: Forever21 || Handbag: thrifted || Sunnies: Marshall's || Shoes: Loloo

I want to be your last first kiss.

I'm feeling very romantic today.  It's beautiful outside, and I can feel the sunlight seeping into my outlook and making everything in life seem brighter.

Anyway, I found this cool little survey deal that's all about sharing tidbits/facets of yourself on one of my favorite blogs, Autumn, Coffee, and Inspiration (<--click the link!  You will like what you find.).  It really intrigued me, so I'm going to fill it out myself.

i am the definition of eclectic
i think too much
i am happy in the sunshine, rain, and snow
i have a dog
i miss high school…times of creativity and discovery
i fear too much
i feel like I’m in love
i smell fresh air
i usually laugh at every-little-thing
i search for myself
 i wonder if I’ll ever find myself…probably I’ll find myself in all the places I’ve looked

i regret often
i love as well as I can
i care about caring about people
i tell everyone exactly how I’m feeling
i worry waaaay too much
i am not shallow (even though I adore clothes), OK?
i remember almost nothing!  I’m terrible…
 i believe in God
i sing ALL THE TIME (I’m singing right now while I type.)

 i don’t always feel important
i don’t like that.
i write poems and short stories
i win at poker
i lose my mind whenever I can spare it

i dance by myself
i wish soooo many things
i never swear
i listen to all kinds of music
i don't understand a great many things, both about people I love and people I hate
i can usually be found pacing around my living room
i need quiet confidence
i forget almost everything; even my own anniversary!

Anyway, enough pictures of my [apparently narcissistic] face, and 
onto today's outfit! 
It got up past 70 degrees today, so I was finally able to show some skin that has been desperately missing being touched by the sun!

This dress is by far the most fu-fu thing in my closet (for clarification: fu-fu is different than lacey is different than elegant. Fu-fu is, let's say that fu-fu is like Juicy Couture and Paris Hilton and purse dogs.  Get my drift?)

Feeling a little "Sex and the City."
I adore this handbag!  It's another vintage piece I thrifted, and it's simply ancient! but it's in phenomenal shape, and its style is wonderfully unlike anything else I see being carried around.

My sick gold shoes.  Thrifted, of course.  How fun are these???

Today's golden arm party.
This dress is certainly pink-er than pink!!!  Whee!  Never thought I'd like anything with tiers, especially semi-distressed tiers, but I do like this little dress.

Lookin' fierce in the office!  Grrrawr.

Dress: Express || Arm Party: thrifted & gifted || Shoes: thrifted || Handbag: thrifted || Sunglasses: Marshall's


Celebrating so many, love, my beautiful mother (HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY! I took her out for lunch today), my wonderful hubby, gorgeous weather, and...

...pretty jewelry. 
Also, the comerades who compliment a girl on her pretty jewelry.  :)  I got a bunch of compliments at the restaurant.  I love when people are jovial and go out of their way to be nice to total strangers.  It makes a girl's eyes sparkle just as bright as the shinies she's wearing.  [It makes a girl think that maybe, just maybe, this world's not going to heck-o in a handbasket, and that she'll be able to feel OK about raising her future kids in it.]  I try ardently to make strangers' days a little brighter; I grew up in a small town and that friendly mentality will haunt me (thank God) to the grave. 
The only bad thing about that mentality?  Well, there are two bad things, actually: 1.) Boys seem to take it the wrong way when I thank them for holding a door, and 2.) I tend to just 'pedest' across any old street when- and where ever I darn well please, 'cuz that's just how we do it in my old-school hometown.  haha...

Speaking of being old-school: a couple of my photos looked pretty sweet in b/w.

My shirtdress has a funny bump in it in the back..looks like I've got quite the "bubble butt"...oops.
Anyway, I MUST take a moment to point out introduce my new bag (pictured above).
That, my lovely friends, is the thrifting find of this century.  At least, of my life up 'til now.  I haven't delved too deeply into it as of yet, but of all my thrift finds, it's the one that I'm the most sure is genuine (and I'm pretty skeptical about this stuff).
SO.  What I'm saying is that I'm pretty doggone sure that that phenomenal red handbag I'm holding is actually-for-real-gen-u-ine Louis Vuitton, and not only that, but I'm pretty sure it's VINTAGE Louis. 
I'm so in love with it, it almost hurts.  I slept with it next to my bed the night I found it.  I call it "Louis," and ask if it missed me while I left it on the kitchen table to go to the gym. 
No joke. 
Maybe I should get myself into therapy. 
But only if Louis can come with me.

Shirtdress: H&M || Belt: Express || Linen pants: Kohl's || Shoes: ? || Bag: thrifted || Sunglasses: Marshall's || Jewelry: gifted & thrifted

Anyway, I'll sign off for today. 
Thanks, as always, for reading, my loves!  xoxox

May the Fourth [be with you]

Go figure, I'm a geek.
Really, I am!  (As if you doubted.) 
I'll prove it to you once and for all.  (If you somehow still doubt.)

Exhibit A: a peek back to Halloween 3 years ago.

My "frousin" (friend/cousin), Kati and I.
Yes, yes, that is the Princess Leia metal bikini.


Anyway, no, I did not make a post just to share my [not-so-fab] abs from 2009 BG (BG stands for "Before Gym," much to my current chagrin.).  I have a real outfit post, but the Star Wars geek-out was completely neccessary.

Anyway, we return to our regular broadcasting.

IT GOT UP TO 80 DEGREES the other day!!!  I'm such a summer baby...why do I live up north?  I was born during one of the hottest summers on record up here, and I think that set the bar for my preferred temperature.  :)

My legs look a lil chunky-monkey in this photo...ohhhh well.
The over-exposure makes me look like an angel or an elf...something ethereal...with a sadly goofy smile...but I still like it.
Did some minor pattern-mixing.  It's not something I've really experimented with much before, so I figured we'd take it slow for now and see how serious the relationship gets.

detail of pattern-mixing and accessories (looove these shoes).  Also: I'm sooo happy I went tanning before sundress season.  For once in my life, I thought ahead and was prepared!  It's a miracle.
See?  Polka-dots with stripes!  That counts as pattern-mixing, right?
Also: I did my own French mani (and it was much more difficult than I had anticipated).

Can't wait for real summer...

Jacket: JouJou
Dress: Target
Bracelets: thrifted
Sunnies: Marshall's
Espadrilles: Payless
Belt: H&M