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French Poodle--100th POST!

Happy 100th Post! 
Here's a great big hug and thank-you to all my readers, old and new: thanks for caring about my little corner of the blog-iverse.

Heehee I wanted to get one of those very French, VERY-posed-but-supposed-to-be-nonchalant pictures.  You know?  Where the lady looks vain and proud but not haughty?  And she's doing something ridiculous that actually isn't funny but somehow attractive?  I hope you know what I mean.
And those pictures always seem to include a French Poodle (in a bedazzled collar)...probably because the feeling is one of those "remotely alluring" French-chic type things.  Well, I didn't have a poodle at my disposal, but I nonetheless had a fantastic four-legged costar available to me: my golden retriever, Penny! 
I wish her leash was a bit prettier, but you take what you can get. 

Ain't she a cutie?  I love her so.

Anyway, this outfit was inspired by my new shoes.  I loooove T-straps, and I loooove pink, and I loooove saddle shoes.  And, lo and behold: these are pink, T-strap, 3-inch-heeled saddle shoes!!!!  I could hardly breathe when I discovered them; it's like they were made just for me!  What a treasure.

The color of my footwear corresponded marvelously with this robin's egg shell in the grass.

my 50s glamour girl pose
So to go with my well-shoed feet, I had to wear other nice things on the rest of my body: my very favorite and most Audrey Hepburn-like LBD, my most vintage of handbags in its beautifully unsullied white, dainty lace gloves, pearls dripping from my neck and wrists, and sweet candy-pink lipstick.

Have a beautiful day! 
Thanks for reading my 100th post!

Dress: Gap || Belt: White House | Black Market || Pearls: thrifted & gifted ||
Gloves: Forever21 || Handbag: thrifted || Sunnies: Marshall's || Shoes: Loloo


  1. so chic dear!!love your heels!!super cute!!

    1. Thanks so much!!! And thanks for stopping by, too. :)


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