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Things that suit me.

|| Blazer: MaxRave || Blouse: Jason Wu for Target || Skinnies: ELLE || Shoes: Dana Buchanan || Purse: Prada || Tote: Chaps ||

I'm happy that the weather is getting warmer.  It's easier to dress more sophisticated/femenine when its warmer.  I know it may sound like a cop-out, but please remember I live in Wisconsin!  Chunky sweaters and too many bulky layers are a must to survive in the winter!  haha  :)

My current favorite film for fashion inspiration is "Sabrina" starring (the one and only...the absolute ideal...the glorious) Audrey Hepburn.  It's been making me want to dress elegantly every day...
I even went out and bought some sparkly earrings and a cholker (the sparkles are crystal and not diamonds...[but only for now? heh heh...maybe someday]).  Now I just need to buy an evening gown and find some elegant balls and parties to attend. 
Here.  In Wisconsin.  You betcha.

Anyway, I'm just going to blogspam some inspirational pictures that I found on the marvelous internet of women just BEING ELEGANT.

Parisian, Chinese, and American elegance...Elegance will never go out of style: it transcends time and crosses oceans.  <3 

I'm working on making my closet more elegant in total.  I have hats, gloves, jewelry, shoes...I need more pretty dresses to wear them with (what girl doesn't want more pretty dresses, though???), and I need to learn how to pick out good slacks.  I also need to learn how to do my hair.  >.<;;;  MAJOR shortcoming there...

I wish more [American] women cared for feels more special when you're dressed to celebrate it.

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  1. Love your outfit! :)
    And yayy for Sabrina, I love both versions of that movie, he he
    All those inspirational pictures are great too :)


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