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May the Fourth [be with you]

Go figure, I'm a geek.
Really, I am!  (As if you doubted.) 
I'll prove it to you once and for all.  (If you somehow still doubt.)

Exhibit A: a peek back to Halloween 3 years ago.

My "frousin" (friend/cousin), Kati and I.
Yes, yes, that is the Princess Leia metal bikini.


Anyway, no, I did not make a post just to share my [not-so-fab] abs from 2009 BG (BG stands for "Before Gym," much to my current chagrin.).  I have a real outfit post, but the Star Wars geek-out was completely neccessary.

Anyway, we return to our regular broadcasting.

IT GOT UP TO 80 DEGREES the other day!!!  I'm such a summer baby...why do I live up north?  I was born during one of the hottest summers on record up here, and I think that set the bar for my preferred temperature.  :)

My legs look a lil chunky-monkey in this photo...ohhhh well.
The over-exposure makes me look like an angel or an elf...something ethereal...with a sadly goofy smile...but I still like it.
Did some minor pattern-mixing.  It's not something I've really experimented with much before, so I figured we'd take it slow for now and see how serious the relationship gets.

detail of pattern-mixing and accessories (looove these shoes).  Also: I'm sooo happy I went tanning before sundress season.  For once in my life, I thought ahead and was prepared!  It's a miracle.
See?  Polka-dots with stripes!  That counts as pattern-mixing, right?
Also: I did my own French mani (and it was much more difficult than I had anticipated).

Can't wait for real summer...

Jacket: JouJou
Dress: Target
Bracelets: thrifted
Sunnies: Marshall's
Espadrilles: Payless
Belt: H&M


  1. May the Fourth be with you- ha ha ha! So cute!
    As are those polka dot shoes paired with that gorgeous striped dress. Yoda would approve!

  2. Love it!

    Thanks for your visit. FOllowed you back dear

    see you soon


  3. I love the colourful dress!! And thank you for dropping by dear!!

  4. great colors!

  5. HAHA, happy star wars day :)


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