Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

Audrey-Gone-Rock (Subtitled: a Little Bit Chanel)

Apparently also Subtitled: Fun Poses for You!!!

I love this outfit.  It gives a nod to high fashion with a mixture of texture (bracade shoes, tulle skirt, cotton tee) and unexpected juxtapositions (pearls + AC/DC = what?), but it's totally wearable!  Miraculous.  Soooo happy it jumped out of my closet today. 

JUST NOW also Subtitled: Classy and Sassy.

SO.  After I took my shoes off to snap this shot, a gust of wind blew one of them off the deck railing, and it toppled into a flowering bush below!  Poor thing; and this was it's first outing, too!  Hopefully it won't be too scared to come out and play again, soon.  So I had to go on an excursion to find it.  By the end, it and I were covered in little white petals and pollen, but the whole thing was worth it, because I got to pull a 'Holly Golightly' in my Audrey-gone-rock ensemble and say "There you are, you sneak!" to a black kitten-heeled shoe.  Too perfect.
Did some baby-doll makeup to go with this outfit: plenty of blush, plenty of shine, plenty of mascara!

L-O-V-E this new lipstick!  It's the perfect shade of coral!
Also: real quick: I need to feature my nails!!!  I took these polishes:
both are by Sinful Colors
(the one in back is just a generic clear topcoat)
And created a metallic gradient effect on my tips.

Sweet, huh?
Anyway, I've put you guys through enough this post.  I mean, you had to deal with TWO photos of my face; I realize the usual one is rough enough, so I'll just throw the Rundown out there and sign out!  Love you all! 

Tee: ? || Skirt: Charlotte Russe || Sunnies: H&M || Shoes: vintage || Bag: Nine West || Belt: Express || Collar: H&M || Necklace (worn as bracelet): gift

Hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day [long] weekend.
Hug all the American Heroes you know EVERY day!


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, and it's great! I love the close up of you, so glamorous.

  2. Thanks for following me. I am following back with pleasure ;)

  3. I love how you paired the AC/DC shirt with a frilly skirt and cute pumps, very edgy yet chic


  4. this is a fave! it combines both sides of the aussie i know and heart! :) also the funky pose picture is pretty fantastic

  5. I love this one! And those shoes are great ;)


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