Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

Lightly Drifting

I finally got fed up with not gratifying my vintage needs in winter.  I decided I'd rather freeze happily than be morose and only slightly chilled.  So this little dress and cardi leaped from my closet, and my new petticoat decided to make its first appearance (out of sight...).

...except when I scandalously let it peek out for photos:

Naughty me.  ;)

Anyway, absolutely everything I'm wearing is thrifted!  Yay! 
eco-responsibility + cuteness = WINNING

Anyway, I'm bravely putting up a picture of my profile.  I hate my profile, but, hey, 
flaws are what make us unique, right? 

And I'll leave you with that thought and a quick candid shot of me (thanks a lot, mom) searching frantically for my keys (my fabulous coat hopefully making up for the rest of my un-fabulous-ness):

So long, dear readers, from your 
friendly neighborhood scatter-brain!   
Love you!

Freezin' for a Reason

It's been below zero up here in Wisconsin...but I sucked it up and took some outfit photos.  I also went to the outdoor mall this day, but I think that goes beyond "sucking it up" into crazy person territory.  Oh well...I don't think my insanity is a secret anymore. if it ever was.  ;)

This post features my [thrifted, of course] plaid Burberry bag.  And I thrifted the scarf to match it.  I used to hate wearing black and brown together, but the Burberry plaid makes it sooo easy; it bridges the gap so well!

Loooove this bag...Looooove Goodwill.  :) 
Why do people get rid of this beautiful stuff?  Oh well; lucky for me!

Scarf: thrifted || Sweater: Express || Tee: J. Crew || Jeans: Wal*Mart || Boots: thrifted || Headband: Bangles and Bags || Bag: thrifted (Burberry of London!!!)

I'll leave you with some inspiration: the song I heard recently that got me hooked on Florence and the Machine: "Cosmic Love."

Da ba dee, da ba die...

I'm blue (da ba dee, da ba die)...

Now there's color I don't actually wear much.  But when I do, I guess I do it like I do everything: according to the adage "go big, or go home." 

Behold: an ALL BLUE outfit!

Of course, since I was wearing all blue, I had to throw the red bag in.  Love this bag.

I love textures, and lace is one of my favorites. Chambray is also ridiculously huge in fashion right now, which is great, because it's so easy to work with!

Simple outfit formula, here: [chambray] shirt + [lace] pencil skirt
Add bookend-ing statement necklace and shoes, and you've got an easy outfit that speaks volumes!

This outfit was work on a ridiculously warm day this January, so I actually could rock bare legs! +sigh+ (Of course, now it's back down to normal January temperatures. You know: 2 degrees with a 15-below windchill.)

Shirt/Skirt: thrifted (orig. from Target) || Belt: thrifted || Shoes: thrifted || Bag: Aldo
Goodnight  ;)

I wear your Granddad's Clothes...

Sorry for the language, but...HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA !!!
Ever have a song you just play over and over and over and over etc.?  This is that song for me (currently)...maybe because it's the story of my life.
( if you didn't watch that video yet, you'd better do it now! or the rest of my oh-so-witty prose will be even more nonsensical than usual...scary thought, eh?)

I keep trying to explain to my relatives (on that one consistant readers know which side of the family I mean) that wearing secondhand clothes (being a secondhand rose) is no longer some reviled thing, and I don't have to shut up about it if something I'm wearing is thrifted (heck, almost my entire wardrobe is thrifted! and I'm proud of it!).  The general public is more than OK with thrifting; eco-friendlies totally support it; and now this song by Macklemore is on all the hit radio stations!

Yes, yes, Mr. Macklemore.  You do look incredible.  :)  Let's you and me and Mr. Ryan Lewis thrift together sometime!

Anyway, in the spirit of wearing grandparents' clothes, here's my granny-chic outfit:

I found this beautiful skirt in a resale 'shoppe' in my hometown.  This wool skirt from the '50s now represents prettymuch the entirety of my winter vintage gear...We'll have to flesh that out a bit more eventually.  Man, it's hard being me...  #firstworldproblems

Sweater: Shopko || Skirt: Dime-A-Dance || Socks: old || Booties: thrifted || Necklace: thrifted || Broken Rolex (lol) : thrifted

Before I go: 
If you agree with me about the benefits of shopping secondhand, 
and if you haven't already, 

click the button in my sidebar about 
Shopping Secondhand First 
and take the pledge yourself!!!

Enjoy your day, dear reader!

Red, White and Cute

You'll have to pardon my silly faces and the lack of [creative] photos for this was COLD! ...and mom was taking these photos of me right after that blasphemous somehow?  lol  Sunday best!  You still get the gist of the look, right?

Love wearing same color shoes and tights!  Especially when they're my favorite color: RED! 

The photo below is my "brrrr it's freakin' freezin'" face.  :-P

While rocking the side pony.  Like a boss. 
(Well, a girl can dream, anyway.)

Don't worry: you'll see this dress again when it's warmer out!  It's the nicest little sweetheart neckline halter dress.  Usually I'm not a huge fan of tulle hanging out the bottom of a skirt, but on this dress it just works.

Sweater: Charlotte Russe || Tights: Wal*Mart || Shoes: Target || Dress: Goodwill || Bag: St. Vinnie's (I added the ribbon.) || Lipcolor: Revlon (love) || I'm also wearing an additional petticoat from Hot Topic

New Year = New Layout

What do y'all think? 

This new layout seems much more congruent...the other one had sepia and black and white, teal and maroon...It was kinda hard on the eyes...just wasn't feeling it anymore.

While I'm at it, I'll probably start posting different kinds of, I've been dabbling in decorating my home, and so far I'm pleased with the results. 
I think I'd like to share them with you...  :) 
Would you mind, dear readers?  Let me know in the comments!

But before I got off on any more tangents, here are the outfit photos I promised (in the midst of yesterday's 2012 mash-up):

This outfit is making me laugh while I'm putting it against my new layout...such completely different facets of my personality are all mushed together!  But, hey, the ability to design and love both a grey-pink-sweetly-elegant blog layout and a gold-red-plaid-in-your-face-prepster ensemble makes a girl more interesting, don't you think?
Looking at these pictures, my constant inspiration--Audrey Hepburn--came to mind.  The sweater/men's shirt/high-waters/loafers combo was a thing she would do...but I have a bit more drama in my outfit! plaid and metallics...  That means it gives a nod to Audrey without being too copycat-ish.

Shoes and Sweater: Rock & Republic for Kohl's || Pants: Wal*Mart || Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters || Bag: thrifted || Headband: Bangles and Bags || Necklace: old

Farewell 2012: You were a fierce year for fashion.

Ladies and Gents,
Welcome to...

I know it's been 2013 for awhile, now, but I wanted to do this whole "recap" thing I've been seeing on a lot of blogs.
It's so funny to see my style and picture-taking skills improve...and to watch my hair grow.
Sooo.....HERE's a bunch of my

WHEW.  Congratulations on making it all the way through that lot...
There'll be a new outfit post tomorrow, my friends!!!   See you then!

Also: don't forget:
I need your help for a series I want to do!

If you have a piece of art that you like, please tell me the name of it and its artist (you can email me or leave it in the comments below).
I want to do a series of outfits inspired by pieces of art (not where I try to look like whoever is in the painting, but where I wear an outfit in the same color pallette that attempts to evoke the same feeling).
If I choose your idea, you'll definitely get the credit for it and a link to your blog/site in my post.