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I wear your Granddad's Clothes...

Sorry for the language, but...HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA !!!
Ever have a song you just play over and over and over and over etc.?  This is that song for me (currently)...maybe because it's the story of my life.
( if you didn't watch that video yet, you'd better do it now! or the rest of my oh-so-witty prose will be even more nonsensical than usual...scary thought, eh?)

I keep trying to explain to my relatives (on that one consistant readers know which side of the family I mean) that wearing secondhand clothes (being a secondhand rose) is no longer some reviled thing, and I don't have to shut up about it if something I'm wearing is thrifted (heck, almost my entire wardrobe is thrifted! and I'm proud of it!).  The general public is more than OK with thrifting; eco-friendlies totally support it; and now this song by Macklemore is on all the hit radio stations!

Yes, yes, Mr. Macklemore.  You do look incredible.  :)  Let's you and me and Mr. Ryan Lewis thrift together sometime!

Anyway, in the spirit of wearing grandparents' clothes, here's my granny-chic outfit:

I found this beautiful skirt in a resale 'shoppe' in my hometown.  This wool skirt from the '50s now represents prettymuch the entirety of my winter vintage gear...We'll have to flesh that out a bit more eventually.  Man, it's hard being me...  #firstworldproblems

Sweater: Shopko || Skirt: Dime-A-Dance || Socks: old || Booties: thrifted || Necklace: thrifted || Broken Rolex (lol) : thrifted

Before I go: 
If you agree with me about the benefits of shopping secondhand, 
and if you haven't already, 

click the button in my sidebar about 
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and take the pledge yourself!!!

Enjoy your day, dear reader!


  1. I am all for it, and cute outfit!

  2. Cute outfit! I am not a good second hand shopper, but I do give away good clothing to charitable orgs.


  3. beautiful skirt! vintage full skirts are the best:)

  4. great post honey, nice photos!


  5. This is for sure our theme song! I love the video! It is fucking awesome!

  6. great photos!! ;) are beautiful

  7. I absolutely love your clohes outfit. This is so lovely vintage school-girly sett. Love it :-)

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