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Pastel Dreams

Peeksie peeksie: see my tattoo peeking out?  :)
Dreaming of summer...

Thought I'd post this pastel look from late summer that I just rediscovered among my old files.  Why did I never post it?  It's so pretty and perky!  And the trees are so green... *sigh*  I love snow (I couldn't live in Wisconsin if I didn't), but I was born in the hottest August on record here.  I'm a summer baby through and through, and I miss it...but these pictures are giving me the little bit of pick-me-up I need.  :)

Glasses: Forever 21 || Top: Jason Wu for Target || Jeans: H&M || Flats: gift || Watch: thrifted


  1. Hello dear. Nice look and glasses. :)

    I am your follower and I will be really happy if your follow my blogs too (I have two blogs). ;)

  2. Such a sweet blouse! I miss summerdays too, all the sunshine and green trees.. sigh!

  3. Love the geek chic look!! Right up my alley!


    Nike O.

  4. Great look and blog. Lets follow each other. kisses.

  5. Very cute look! I love that JWU for Target top. The polka dots are so cute. I'm probably the only one who hates summer but only because it's insanely hot here in the summer where I live. I'm relishing the cold while it lasts. LOL! <3


  6. Ah pah. I really wish it was summer already >< !!!
    Anyways, you look really cute with the glasses :)
    x, Lara


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