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Freezin' for a Reason

It's been below zero up here in Wisconsin...but I sucked it up and took some outfit photos.  I also went to the outdoor mall this day, but I think that goes beyond "sucking it up" into crazy person territory.  Oh well...I don't think my insanity is a secret anymore. if it ever was.  ;)

This post features my [thrifted, of course] plaid Burberry bag.  And I thrifted the scarf to match it.  I used to hate wearing black and brown together, but the Burberry plaid makes it sooo easy; it bridges the gap so well!

Loooove this bag...Looooove Goodwill.  :) 
Why do people get rid of this beautiful stuff?  Oh well; lucky for me!

Scarf: thrifted || Sweater: Express || Tee: J. Crew || Jeans: Wal*Mart || Boots: thrifted || Headband: Bangles and Bags || Bag: thrifted (Burberry of London!!!)

I'll leave you with some inspiration: the song I heard recently that got me hooked on Florence and the Machine: "Cosmic Love."


  1. Great find! Oh, I would have snatched up that Burberry bag in a heartbeat!


  2. Amazing look and I wish I would come across Burberry at the Goodwill here! XO. Pip

  3. You look lovely :3
    People give that sorta stuff to Goodwill and such for example when it has been a gift from a shitheaded ex ;) (trust me, I know what I'm talking about ;)) Good for you and good for Goodwill.

    x, Lara

  4. Oh yes a very big thank you "Goodwill" that big was a fabulous find!!!!!!!
    I love the outfit you have put together with it, stay warm sweet.
    Love V

  5. I hate going out and freezing for outfit photos!!
    Love your bag, and I think black and brown can look so chic together!
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Your scarf is so pretty and I love the color of your boots! Such a great outfit :)

  7. Love this look! You are staying cute in the cold. Those boots are great.



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