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Brocade Babe

I've always loved brocade...It's so luxe and elegant...always makes me think medieval.  The medieval period has always been my favorite imagination playground. 

This dress is a little big (and by "a little'" I mean...about 4 sizes), but it's so pretty, I had to have it when I found it at the thrift store!!!  :)  And I was determined to find a flattering way to style it.

Instead of heels, I rocked some fancy flats with this outfit.  I wanted to add a bit of hipster quirk to the look.

Dress: thrifted || Sweater: Express || Tights: Wal*Mart || Shoes: thrifted

Found this lovely lady at the thrift store, too...
Wanted to show you all the whole dress, even though it's huge.



  1. I love brocade too :) Somehow I just cannot wear it without looking middle-aged.. you look fine in it. And it doesn't look so enormous :)
    x, Lara

  2. I love your dress!! And that portrait you found is so cool too. I'm so bad when I thrift shop, because I usually only look at the clothes and never the housewares side. I probably miss out on a lot of really cool items. You gotta sew that dress up girl! If it has side seams, it's really easy to just take those in. Let me know if you want me to explain or point you to some sewing vids. :) <3


  3. The dress is amazing!!!!! Gorgeous!!!

  4. Your dress is so cute!!!! Love prints like that!

    Following you now on GFC and Bloglovin. Will really appreciate it if you do the same =D
    The Fashion Commoner

  5. I love the shape of that cardigan and the pattern on your dress. Great thrifting score!


  6. That is the BEST photo of your feet. You're adorbs :)


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