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Christmas Eve (Subtitled: Holly Jolly Dotty Hottie)

Had too much fun editing my photos...again...and wearing a flouncy outfit...again...

Wore this outfit on Christmas Eve.  :) 
I had to hide it under a robe while I sang with church choir, but at least my festive shoes peeked out from under the hem!  (I took the hat off for church, of much as that hurt my heart!  I found this hat last month at the thrift store, and knew immediately that it was meant for wear on Christmas!  Isn't it magical?)

I save this Louis Vuitton bag I thrifted for special occasions.  It's in pristine condition, and I'd like to keep it that way.  I think it's vintage...isn't it beautiful?
I also broke out the Armani perfume my hubby gave me for my birthday, so I felt like a cloud of special followed me everywhere.  ;)

How about them tights?  And do you like my polka-dot dress?  It was a gift from my grandma years ago.  My first "real" nice dress.  I had felt terribly underdressed at a wedding, and confided to my grandma in the ladies' room that night.  Two weeks later, she showed up at my door and proclaimed that no granddaughter of hers should ever have to go through that and whisked me to the mall.  :)  My grandma is precious.

Anyways, my loves, stay tuned for more Christmas outfits!  Not quite 12 days of Christmas, but I had 3 days of Christmas this year!  3 days of my favorite holiday...Marvelous!

Chapeau: Goodwill || Dress: White House | Black Market || Belt: thrifted with a diff. dress || Gloves: gift || Tights: thrifted || Shoes: Target || Bag: thrifted VINTAGE LOUIS VUITTON || Earrings: Bangles and Bags


  1. I love the bag, it's absolutely gorgeous - I don't blame you for being so protective of it! And I love this outfit, it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe :)

    70th and Chic

  2. Oh my goodness, tights with bows!!! Eeeeee! I love them. And you know I'm in love with your hat too-you always have the best headwear. That bag is definitely a special piece-I'm like that with some of my special items too- I never want to wear them out because I'm afraid something will happen to them! Hope yo had an amazing Christmas my dear :)

  3. How precious! Very elegant hat, great colour matching! :)

  4. Stunning pictures, merry xmas!:) X

  5. So sexy!!! Fabulous outfit!!!

  6. I love this lady-like style!


  7. Very chic.... lovely red colors, love the LV bag!

  8. Love it so much! Dress is amazing!
    I have just followed you dear, hope you'll have time to visit my blog and maybe follow if you like it :)

    Kisses ♥

  9. Holly Jolly Dotty Hotty! So funny. That dress is really nice I like it, and you are right that bag is great! Good find!

    Ali of:

  10. Love this retro look! It belongs in a magazine!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year!


  11. I love that bag of yours and I missed the chance to buy it the last time when I was in Paris and now they're not in the store any more. Lucky you to have it. You should really savor it and definitely got to keep it well =D
    You look gorgeous in this dress. Happy Year 2013 with much blessings and have a fantabulous year! =)

  12. I love your dress and your bag is gorgeous. I think I would keep that on a shelf and only look at it. :)
    Happy 2013!

  13. Beautiful pictures:)
    Happy New Year!


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