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Geometric Love

My bag and shoes match, but that's about all that's traditional about this ensemble.

Taken with my phone and sent to my girl, Emilee the day I wore this. 
(I had to include this photo on my blog, though, because I didn't get many photos of this outfit.)

Circles, Rectangles, and Lines, oh my!

This is my Nerdy Chic at its most outrageous...I am well aware that this outfit is completely ridiculous.  In fact, I wore it two weeks ago, and this is the first it's made it up onto my blog. 
Honestly, I was nervous to post it, 'cuz it's so "out there."  In fact, I went on a 'date' with my brother that night, and I even changed before he could see me or take me anywhere public. 
Then, I figured, this outfit is part of my style, and I haven't cared about being considered "cool" since the 8th grade!  I'm dissappointed in myself for giving into my self-conscious and second-guessing nature.  I got into blogging/styling my outfits precisely because I wanted to combat my lack of self-confidence. because I wanted to celebrate freedom of personal expression and artistry. 
So basically, by getting anxious that my outfit wasn't main-stream palatable and throwing something else on, I was simultaneously [hypocritically] throwing all my big ideas/talk about the art of personal style out the window.  And really, that's what's not cool. 
Therefore, I'm posting it LOUD and PROUD on my blog.

I hope it doesn't offend those of you with more delicate sensibilities...take a deep breath and just hang in there: my summer posts will be more demure (I think).

Denim blouse: H&M || Skirt: thrifted || Tights/Socks: ? || Shoes: thrifted || Clutch: thrifted || Scarf: thrifted || Detatchable collar: thrifted || Nerd glasses: Forever21

(Gracious, that was a lot of parts to that outfit!!!)

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  1. This is such a interesting and colorfull combination :)
    I love your tights and shoes, and scarf... :D


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