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I Shop Secondhand First.

Lots of photos with my dog lately, I know, but she's just such a great costar!

This past weekend it was so warm that I wore a skirt this day, and shorts the other (post to come)!!!  All of us Wisconsinites couldn't believe it was November!  Buuuut our lovely state cured our doubt yesterday by snowing. 
This is why I love good old WI: it always keeps me on my toes, I'll never be bored.

I love the colors I got to wear in this outfit...jewel tones are so rich and beautiful, and the pattern on this skirt is one of my favorites.  It's the same pattern my grandma has on some wallpaper in her house that I've always loved. 
And this tweed hat is the first hat I ever thrifted.  I've had it for years.  It's definitely a man's hat, and very old, and I love it.

Hat: thrifted || Sweater: Target || Skirt: thrifted (orig. from Express) || Shoes: Target || Scarf: old || Bag: thrifted (Louis Vuitton) || Belt: H&M

Speaking of thrifting, I wanted to share a pledge I've recently taken.  I hope you, my dear readers, have all noticed the new widget on my sidebar.  Please, join me in taking the pledge below, if it's something on your heart. 
This whole thing was started by Bella at the Citizen Rosebud, a wonderful blogger who has inspired me for quite awhile.  Check out her original post regarding this pledge and see how you can get involved!  :)


  1. I love the shots!


  2. I have taken the pledge and so far, so good! I found some great consignment pieces today...
    That skirt looks great on you. You have such great legs!

  3. Dogs make excellent costars for outfit shoots! I really like the ensemble you put together here -- that shade of pink is so lovely. :)

    <3, Nina

  4. I love this outfit! I wish it was that warm here ;) The photos are so cute too

  5. I love second hand shopping and love the fact that you support it so much. It's like the saying "one mans trash is another mans treasure". Love your sustainability angle to second hand shopping too. Great blog girl, keep it up!


  6. Fantastic pledge! Second hand shopping is a definite must for our world nowadays and I believe that it can make a world of difference! So good for you! I'm loving that skirt and that hat is awesome. I love tweed and I think it's such a perfect complement to your girly outfit. :) <3


  7. Amazing pictures, you look so happy, and your outfit matches the weather perfectly (I love autumn). And I love your dog! :)

  8. Oh yeah, please take the "10 items"-tag! I'm so courious :)
    You look great!
    And I'm so with you with the 2ndhand pledge :)
    x, Lara

  9. Great look. I always like pictures with dogs, because i love dogs :-).
    Great pledge. I own a second hand webshop in clothes myself :-).

    Jennifer | My Scrambled

  10. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL outfit! This skirt and bag are magical!!! I like your look dear! Sweet dog! :-)

    Fashion Crazy Ball and My Facebook Page

  11. I love your look! I shop in vintage store all the time! I love the hunt and finding some treasures!


  12. the dog is great dear, the LV bag is vintage? Love to buy secon hand stuff!:)
    x the cookies

  13. Awwww, cute dog pictures!!! And that is an amazing thrift find!

  14. I love how you mixed and matched this look - it's the perfect Fall look.
    Chic yet comfy.

    Stop by and see my blog if you'd like. :)

  15. Lovely look doll!
    So classy

    new outfit post - Galaxy cat


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