Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

What I'm THANKFUL for...

This is amazing!!!  I have received not one, but TWO awards from the amazing Lara of Rocketraptor!  (<--Check out her blog; she takes fantastic real-life photos, and writes some great, witty prose!)

First Award:

So here are the rules:
-If you are nominated, you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.  WOO!!!!!
-Thank the person who gave you this award.
-Include a link to their blog.
-Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
-Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award with a link to their blog.
-Finally, tell 7 things about yourself.
Here is the list of blogs I'm giving this award to:
Ladylike Delicacy  Beautiful, demure vintage style.  She's also just started to showcase some of her sewing projects!
Living Out Louder  Fitness, deep thoughts, self-challenges, and just an all-around pick-me-up kinda blog!
Living Without Apology  Piera's musings on life, love, faith, and whatever else.  She's a gifted writer.
Vintage Vixen  Prettymuch self-explanatory.  This woman is amazing: she wears things that I never would've thought to wear and always looks amazing, like something straight out of your happiest imagination!
Bow Ties Are Cool  Wonderful photographs, amazing writing style!
the Dapper Bun  This blog is sooooo charming...there are often bunnies in her outfit photos (and who doesn't love cute girls and cute bunnies?).
Chic with the Least  Their shoe game is fierce, and all their looks are totally wearable!
Easy Outfits by Pip  One of the nicest bloggers out there (I feel the need to tell you she's on hiatus, but I'm STILL giving her this award!  What does that tellyou about the impression she made on me?)
Leather, Lace, & Eyeliner  Very versatile, fun posts!  Showcases that "style" is more than just clothes.Miss Simmonds Says  This lady is classy, clever, creative, and fearless!  Such a sweet and free soul.
October Rebel  Always written in the third person, this mostly-vintage style blog has a beautiful, personal, windblown feeling to it.
That's a Pretty Hat  I love hats, and this blog is all about them!
Butterfly Loves Snapdragons  She has such a happy free spirit, it flows out through her beautiful photos.  And she includes a Bible verse at the conclusion of each post.
Confessions of a Psycho Cat  Retro-fab at its quirky finest!
...annnnnd of course ROCKETRAPTOR (Are there tagbacks in this game?  Whatever: I don't care if it's allowed or not.  Obviously you already won this award, but I'm double-awarding you back anyway, because you deserve it!)
All of you bloggers are fantastic!  It was extremely difficult to choose just 15 to receive this award...I've been blessed with so many wonderful friends since starting blogging.

Moving on to the 7 random facts about me. 
This is going to be difficult...finding things you don't already know about me through my random babble in all my posts...Well, here goes...

1. I am a classically trained Soprano.  (Anybody know of any operas that are hiring? lol)
2. I will be going back to school to get a degree in Speech Pathology.  (...I think?)
3. Ireland is my dream vacation spot.
4. I'm currently watching Star Trek: the Next Generation.  (But you already knew I was a nerd.)
5. I pretty much only shop secondhand.  (I've been doing that for about three years, now, and don't plan on quitting anytime soon.)
6. I love to take long walks.
7. I drive a stick shift car and am ridiculously proud of that fact.

Second Award:

This reward isn't, like, a "real" award...but love is darn important! 
I'm gonna do what Lara did 'cuz it was cool, and say that this award is for anyone who wants it!   Spread the love!!!


  1. Lovely post, thnx for sharing and congrats on your awards!! Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog! Like yours too! How about following each other on bloglovin and gfc? Let me know once you do, that way I’ll follow you back! Waiting for you!

    -xoxo- lorena

  2. Thank you very much Caitlin for the award !:) And congratulations, you deserve that award aswell !:)

  3. We have 3 things in common.. I mostly shop 2nd hand, I also take long walks, and I have only driven a stick shift car in my life (but I do not drive nowadays)
    Love reading these :)
    x, Lara

  4. Caitlin you are the best! Thanks for mentioning me and congrats on your award.. well deserving! Will follow this up asap! :D

  5. Hi!

    Thanks for the award and for reading my blog! :-) I love Next Generation.

    - October


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