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Monochromatic for Fall (And: helloooo new Louis bag!!!)

Never thought I'd be posting a sweatshirt and jeans outfit on my blog...
but when an outfit is an outfit, then it's an outfit! regardless of how "unspecial" its elements are.

...right?  Do you agree, my lovely readers?


Wanted to sport my new Goodwill purchase with a casual outfit to really bring it to the front.  :)  Not like its multicolored nature doesn't do that, anyway.

Like my monogrammed aviators?  The rhinestone "C" might be a bit much, but I loved the personal touch.  What do you all think?  Too much or no?

Sorry it's been so long since my last post!  I've been moving.  You'll get photos of my old apartment soon (this blog needs to branch out a bit more than just being photos of me), and photos of my new apartment (when I feel like its worth posting).  The flavors of the two are COMPLETELY different!

Bag: thrifted Louis Vuitton || Coat: JouJou || Collar : DIY || Sweatshirt: Target || Jeans: old || Boots: old || Gloves: my late grandmother's || Aviators: Wal*Mart || Watch: thrifted Rolex

For your amusement...I lost my balance and laughed...  :)


  1. Love the bag!!!!

  2. I think sweater and jeans are an appropiate outfit ;). And besides, on you they look good :3.
    IMO bloggers can post "ordinary" stuff as well, no need to look like every day was like sugar honey cotton candy rum&cocacola gummy bear blast ;). (Many readers think that an utter sugar coating makes a blog a bit annoying ;))
    x, Lara

  3. Wow you found that bag at Goodwill? I am majorly impressed! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I guess we have something in common, my hubs is also in the service. I just read your 'just so you know' section and loved it. You're personal style is coming along nicely. That collar is kind of amazing.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

    1. WOW! I love that you read that page! I'm kind of worried nobody else does. :) And give your hubby my thanks for his service! You go, girl!

  4. well, hello beautiful!

  5. basically i want that sweatshirt. surprise.

  6. Love that bag! You make a sweatshirt and jeans look so chic! Great addition of the collar. The jacket really amps up the look too. Fabulous!

  7. Great find at Goodwill! I love the sweatshirt and think you did a great job in styling it with the collar and nice jacket! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Would you like to follow each other?

  8. You are SO gorgeous! Especially love the fab collar! Sarah xxx

  9. So nice.especially love the fab collar. charitmas is coming. you can buy a Men Sheepskin Leather Down Coat as gift in this seasion.

  10. I do agree with you, you look very nice in jeans, the whole look is not a typical casual look because of all elements that make it special :) I really like your blog, I am sorry I dont make comments too often, but I will always be your reader :)


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