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the Recipe for Fall

The Recipe for Casual Fall Dressing 
(from the ground up): 

leather boots, 
a light knit or button-up, 
leather jacket, 
and add a statement bag (to tip your casual pieces towards chic)

You'll be seeing a lot of this recipe on my blog this season.  But fear not: I'll always spice it up a little.  ;)  In fact, I've got a great look floating around in my head right now featuring absolutely NONE of the elements listed above (so I promise you won't be bored!).

Like my new "riding" boots? 
Hurray for the thrift store!
FAIR WARNING: You'll be seeing these beauties posted a lot this Fall/Winter.


This is a very casual outfit, and I'm semi-apologetic about that, but not really, 'cuz Fall is just so ridiculously pleasant this year that it's urging me to

 I love light knits and layering for Fall (almost as much as I love little breezy dresses for Summer...almost as much as I love colorful galoshes with skirts for Spring...almost as much as I love cozy sweater-dresses and tights for get the picture).

Jacket: oldie but goodie || Scarf: gift || Sweater: old || Jeans: Target || Boots: thrifted || Bag: thrifted Louis Vuitton

As always, dear readers,  
from the bottom of my heart 
for stopping by!


  1. un look sencillo pero chic! estas muy guapa

    pásate por mi blog que tengo nuevo outfit

  2. Lovely outfit, especially I love your shoes and jacket :))
    btw. Thank you for stopping by on my blog and leave so kind commet :))

  3. Nice boot and bag! I love these colors of your outfit so much. I am following you now and it would be great if you do the same

  4. Your boots are amazing, I'm looking for similar :)

  5. Am I allowed to tell you right on your blog that you have a sexy ass? Because this outfit shows it off a bit anyway, so that's on-topic.

    I hope you don't ban me from your blog now ;)

    1. You are totally allowed.
      But does that "hot damn" rule still apply if it's not a spanking?

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment. :) Nice outfit! Following you now.. :)
    Hope you'll Follow back. Thank you!
    Kisses from VV!!

  7. Nice boots!

  8. Thanks for dropping by to my blog ^^
    Your boots are awesome. And the fact that you treasure hunted them from a thrift store makes them twice as awesome ^^

    xxx Lara


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