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Back home.

Two Fall trends that fit perfectly with my style: the long skirt, and the big coat.  I'm loving the longer-skirt trend that's in for Fall!  I can stay warm and ladylike and not look frumpy.  Love it!

Again, here are some completely unedited photos for your viewing pleasure (I hope, anyway), which were taken by my Daddy (who complained the whole time, hence the lack of photos) on my phone (hence the lack of quality) on a park path in my hometown right in my parents' backyard (hence the beauty of the trees). 

Two reasons this post is titled "Back home." 
First: because I'm back to more vintage-inspired style from the edgy look in my last post. 
Second: EXCITING NEWS!  The Hubs and I are moving back to my hometown at the end of this month!!! 

I think my hometown is really in my innate sense of style seems to match it.  That means that there will be many more and better places for photo ops...

I always say that my hometown is a trap: once you live there, you can't leave (for long, anyway).  It's too beautiful!  It's on the National Registry of Historic Places (or something like that anyway), and the people who live there all know it (little bit snooty), but I'm still in love with it.  I love to travel and experience new places, but I don't mind coming back home, either.  That's a very pleasant feeling.  :)

Coat: old || Sweater: old || Belt: Express || Collar: H&M || Necklace: old || Boots: thrifted GUESS || Beret and Skirt: Wal*Mart (feel free to judge)


  1. Gorgeous!!!! We love the coat!!!!

  2. You look very classy, great outfit !!

  3. Love the whole took, the beret makes it perfect.
    Have fun moving (hee, hee ;D)
    xxx, Lara

  4. Love this look! It's rather 70s does 40s. The backdrop is gorgeous too. I want to leave my hometown and I have before but I've a terrible feeling I'm stuck here!

  5. The setting of these photos is rather lovely! Happy you're excited to be moving soon-good luck with packing and such! I really miss my hometown as well-wish I could convince my husband to move there someday! Love your beautiful red look. That skirt is fierce!

  6. Striking look. I pinned you to my Fall 2012 Beret hat board on the Pinterest!

    1. What an honor!
      Following your Pinterest boards, now. :)

  7. That red beret is super cute on you, Caitlin! I love it paired with the red coat and black/white color scheme. You look great! ;-)

  8. Aww, you are very classy!
    I started following you!
    You are welcome to follow me back, I sell beautiful high-end quality recycled & new fashion!

    Abi K


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