Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

made a phenomenal haul!

Can you believe it???  Louis Vuitton and Prada!!! 
Never thought I would find them in my thrifty corner of the world...I'm beyond thrilled.
The plaid skirt in the corner is a preview of my outfit for tomorrow.

Anyway, I've never done the whole "mood board" thing...but I've got a few photos that fit my mood.  I don't think this counts even as a collage, much less a mood board, but I'm just gonna throw the photos out there anyway.

Just as I suspected: I MAKE NO SENSE.

Those Prada shoes are to die for, though.  They're based off of a '50s automobile.  And Stargate is definitely the movie of the month: my ADD brain forces me to play it over and over again while I'm at work.  The score must gel with my brainwaves...that, and I developed a huge celebrity crush on Jaye Davidson...most gorgeous androgynous man I've ever seen!

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