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Warm Colors for a Cold Winter

Autumnal shades saw me through the whole first part of winter, actually--it was 40 degrees on Christmas day!!!  Which is, like, unheard of up here in da nort' (dare I add a "yah, dere hey!"..?). 
But I promise we're making up for it now.  As I type, my phone tells me it is an exhilerating 3 DEGREES (which is spoiling me, because our forecasted high was 2 degrees), and it "feels like -13 degrees."

And, yes, many my wintertime posts will contain some sort of commentary on the weather (lol it IS the chief topic of conversation in these parts since we're all, you know, a little focused on trying to NOT DIE.  We're "hardy." <--read as "absolutely insane" )

I wore this outfit a few days before Christmas to go to my godfather's daughter's baptism ( tree is getting complicated) and reception.  And--let me not gush, but just say--SHE IS SO TOTALLY, UNBELIEVEABLY CUTE I can hardly stand it.  They live out in LA, so it was my first time meeting the little muffin...and she has the biggest, brightest eyes and the most adorably serious little personality...
But I digress. 
I mean, who doesn't digress when they're talking about babies?  Let's be real.
My talking points are babies, animals, and fashion (and clearly the weather, as well lol).  If you get me started on any of those, I will not stop.  Luckily for you, this is typed, not spoken, so you can stop reading it anytime it suits you.  ;)

Anyway, the quick rundown before I let you go:

Sweater and sweater-dress via Goodwill, boots are my JLo brand via Kohl's (sadly not available anymore), bag is Calvin Klein via TJ Maxx (a splurge for me, it was on sale for $, I don't think you guys understand how cheap I am), belt is H&M (I got this sucker, like, 3 years ago, but I can't imagine my wardrobe being complete without it!!!), necklace was a gift from a wonderful friend, socks and scarf...I honestly don't remember heh...

That's all for now!!!  Stop back soon!!!


  1. Very cute outfit!


  2. Beige is the right way to go!

  3. love this outift, it is absolutely gorgeous !!

  4. I might very well go and recreate this look for myself, I love it! I'm a sucker for a warm-hued, earthy-toned outfit and this one is so perfect. And yay to being cheap! Haha.

    1. What a compliment! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. :)

  5. so nice.. ; }

    i invite to me too


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