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Inspiration Post (Image Heavy)

My favorite Audrey film


This is definitely a painting of a feeling.

Oh Karlie, how I love thee...

from Spirited Away

I love Pit Bulls.

Bob Dylan

Most of these are random images found either through Google or on Pinterest.

My brain is all over the place...and I would like to prosper that.  I think I accomplish more creatively when I keep my focus from settling on one idea.  Like, the more I think about art, the better I am at fashion; the more I think about music, the better I am at drawing; the more I think about fashion, the better I am at interior decorating; etc...

Anybody else experience that?


  1. This dogs are sooo cute.*__*

  2. i love the little doggies here! ah, so cute!

    lindsey louise

  3. Audrey...:) She's always my favorite!

  4. Gorgeous - I especially love the Dylan and Dahl quotes!

    Sarah xxx

  5. I agree with your idea that a painting can express a certain feeling. I try to style my outfits to achieve a certain feeling, too.

  6. re: your last question ... yes, kind of. i think for me it's just about mental stimulation, and if i'm thinking about one area i find a way to connect it to another mental department. the more i use certain parts of my brain, the more i want to keep using it for that type of thinking. it makes sense why all those things are connected to you though! (and you can kind of see it in the way you express yourself, which i think is really cool).


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