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Sweet Nothin'

Here's something a little strange: I was doodling at work, and just sort of drew a girl in today's outfit.  I was excited about it, I guess.  :)

And please forgive the glaring anatomy errors: I was drawing in pen.  At least she has two of everything she needs to have two of.

Don't you love this faux fur vest I found at Goodwill???  I do. 

I wish you could feel it (...that's not creepy-sounding at all...); it's ridiculously soft!  Wearing it is like being hugged by a hundred chinchillas at once (...'cuz I totally know how that feels...).  Heavenly. 

And it has toasty warm pockets, too!

I hope y'all aren't getting sick of this bag, yet! 'cuz I'm obviously not...

Please don't forget to:

Vest & Top: Goodwill || Skinnies: Forever 21 || Boots: Charlotte Russe || Bag: Target



  1. Pretty :) The girl in your drawing looks like you :)! Nice one :)
    xo, Lara

  2. That is Soooo cute on you! I need to find a versatile faux vest like that, it works with so much.

  3. I can't believe you found that faux vest at good will. I have been looking for one all winter. Oh, well .. maybe next year.

    Your drawing is awesome!


  4. It looks so snugly, what a great find!!!,
    Love V

  5. You're a great artist! I love this look!



  6. i love that you sketched your outfit, and the fur vest looks great with the stripes!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Your illustration is so great!! You are so talented! Your outfit is a perfect casual look with a play on textures.


  8. You are having so much fun with this photoshoot! Elegant hands.

  9. I do love that vest! What a great piece-looks like it will be super versatile too! And I want those boots! Those are shape and color. Psh, your drawing is perfect-I could never draw that well! You artists just boggle my mind with your 'doodles'.

  10. "at least she has two of everything"--haha, that was cute! I like your little doodle. And your outfit is so cute. I really adore that vest with the stripes underneath. I've had a white fur vest sitting in my closet for quite some time, and I kind of wish I could style it... now I have ideas! :D

    && also, in response to your comment, heck yeah, girl. Geek inspiration is the best kind of fashion inspiration, am I right? :D

  11. Oh how cute! I love that sketch! Such a fun outfit :)


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