Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!


Mmmmm lookit those pasty white ankles poking out.  ;)

Actually, while I'm on the subject, I'd like to make AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:

I am going to try to fight peer pressure
and stay pale this summer.

There: now it's out there, and I can't take it back.

I mean, honestly, I'll probably end up with a slight glow: I love laying under the warm sun.  But there are so many reasons for me to really try to avoid sun exposure:
1.) It's healthier for my skin.  Hopefully I'll age better.  And skin cancer-y stuff kinda runs in the family, so I'd like to avoid that, too, if possible.
2.) I wear more of my vintage wardrobe in summer, and it looks sooo wrong with tanned skin.
3.) It'll be cheaper/less stressful.  I won't have to worry about having ugly tanlines, I won't have to pay to go tanning, I won't have to buy tanning oil and lotion (and sunburn ointment...heh heh).  All I'll have to do is work a sunscreen application step into my morning ritual.
4.) I will never look like a beach bunny or Cali girl or surfer girl or whatever other sterotypes you can think of for tan females.  My body and face just aren't set up that way, and whenever a person tries to be something they're not, it just looks sad.
Anyway, the whole "pale is pretty" thing really seems to be making a comeback right now.  "Safe sun" is HUGE.  And the pin-up look is always "in."
Anybody else gonna join me in the
fight to stay fair-skinned this summer? 
I know it'll be hard when my pasty thighs start hanging out of shorts, so I could use some back-up and support! 
Let me know in the comments!

Before I go, I'd like to point out that by shopping secondhand, this whole outfit cost me less that $40.00 (accessories included).  I love secondhand shopping!

Sorry so blurry: wanted to show off my shoes, but it only kind of worked.
Hat, Blouse, Shoes, Watch, & Bracelet: thrifted || Sweater: thrifted (orig. J.Crew) || Jeans: Forever 21


  1. Great :3 I mostly stay pale too.. I don't get very tanned, so not bothering to try ;3 Pale butts rule :)

  2. I am always pale anyway, since I like the idea of being outside much more than the reality of it. But I did decide a few years ago that I would be happy about being pale, so does that count?

  3. I love going to the beach, but much happier sitting under an umbrella ... so I may get some color, but never become bronzed (besides, there are 101 products to become artificially 'bronzed' :-).


  4. I always love the looks you put together! As a perpetually pale person myself I applaud you. I wish more people would practice "safe" sun!

  5. Stay pale! I use warmify on every one of my blog photos. I plan to buy a parasol and use it this summer. A PARASOL.

    1. A PARASOL!!!! :) Sounds lovely.

  6. loving the jumper!


  7. I love this outfit! Beautiful jumper!

    Do you want to follow each other in Bloglovin and GFC?

    Best wishes,

  8. I will definitely stay pale (as if I have a choice, haha!). I'm with you! I love this simple look. It's so classic and those shoes are PERFECT. I really need a pair of black oxfords.

  9. Haha, GIRL yes I am totally hoping to stay pale as ever this summer! Alas, I ride my bike every day, and so it probably won't happen there. I'm afraid of summer because I get slightly tan and my hair gets really white-blonde and I feel like an oompa loompa, hahaha.

    Your shoes are just darling!

  10. I really like the outfits in your blog!! I'm naturally tanned though so staying pale is impossible for I'm your newest follower, please check out my blog and follow me too if you like it :)

  11. i never quite knew what the obsession was about being tan. don't get me wrong, i know a slightly sun kissed glow really brightens up your face, but anything over that looks kind of wrong to me, too. and i think super pale girls are just SO beautiful. like they look like china dolls or delicately gorgeous. so yay for you making this decision!

    and i love this look, too! you really pull off the tomboy- i think the hat was the perfect touch

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. You look gorgeous darling. love this look. would you like to check out my blog too maybe we can follow each other?

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  14. I love the blockstriped shirt paired with the red shirt, the jeans and the shoes. It's a boy meets girl look. Love it. Thanks for posting the photo and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

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