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The Right to Bare Legs

I'm soooo sick of winter, I've stopped dressing even borderline appropriately for the weather.  It snowed and was grey yesterday, but I wore this out and about anyway!  Despite the weather and despite my cold...HA. 
And I had a fantastic day!  I made a haul at Goodwill and found the bag I have been searching for at Target! 

I saw it when they first put it on the shelves, and didn't have enough in my weekly spending allotment left to buy it.  When the next week rolled around, I moseyed over to Target to purchase it, and of course it was gone.  :( 
So I looked at other Target stores, came up empty; checked online, it was unavailable; looked at lookalikes (even designer ones just for shiggles), nothing seemed quite as right for my style (which was amusing to me)...and then--wonder of wonders--while running around half-naked like a crazy person in the freezing cold, I drove past a Target and thought, well what the heck, I'll just run in and check real quick
And there it was, in all its black and white glory, sitting on the clearance shelf.  :) 
How do I get so lucky?  (I'm totally staring at it right now as I type...)

Anyway, speaking of half-naked crazy-person moi, here I am:

There's nothing extremely fashion-forward about this ensemble; I'm just sharing it, because I think it's pretty doggone cute.  :) 
Hope you agree!

Dress: thrifted || Cardi: gift || Belt: thrifted || Shoes: thrifted (orig. Anne Klein)
Also, just so you know: there are pictures coming of my vintage runway modeling experience coming soon!!! 
The dress photographs very well: I'm very excited to show it to you!!!


  1. CUTE Bag! I've been looking for a more structured bag - how did this one get by me?


  2. You look fabulous!!!!
    Chic With The Least
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  3. You *are* lucky indeed :D! And you look great :)
    x, Lara

  4. I am definitely feeling that handbag! It is perfect and I love the outfit too! Hope you are having a good day! xx Pip

  5. Ahh, that's the best when you really want something and are finally able to get it. ;) This outfit looks great. I love the shoes!

  6. Cute outfit but you must have freezed your buns off!


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