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need a Little Leopard in my Life

Sooooo these past few days, I've been doing some serious lovin' on the bag I bought Monday!  :)  Basically, I've been making outfits around this bag. 

Anybody else do that?  Style themselves "backwards" by picking an accessory first?

I wanted to ask y'all another question:

Does it bother you that most of my photos are now taken in the same exact corner of my bedroom? 

I try to keep things interesting enough by posing all quirky and editing the photos a bit differently...but I can only do so much.

Also: I'm sure that, by now, most of you are aware of the conundrum facing those of us bloggers who operate chiefly on Google...Google reader (GFC) will be ripped out from under us starting July 1st.  :(  It'll be a bloggernational day of mourning, especially for yours truly, but everyone else is doing a lot of complaining, so I won't burden you with any more of that. 
I figure, if my blog is meant to grow, it'll happen (whether it's via GFC or Bloglovin' or whatever), so I'm just gonna keep posting a button like this in all my posts, so you can keep on being my blogfriend by following with Bloglovin' instead of GFC!  :)

Hat: thrifted || Shirt: thrifted (orig. from Target) || Pants: Boston Store || Booties: Payless (old) || Blazer: old || Necklace: Charlotte Russe || Bag: Target

Thanks again for reading!
and Don't Forget to  Please!!!


  1. I love your necklace and bag <3

  2. I do that - pick an accessory first! Agh with the GFC >< >< >< !!! I followed you on GFC and we are anyways connected on G+ now :)
    Love your jeans!!! :)
    xo, L

  3. When did you paint wall that shade of blue? I'd love to use that color. It might be too matchy matchy though with the decor. Or did you move the bed again? Lol I like the hat with a chunky necklace. Maybe the blue heels...get a little Carrie:) lol

    1. Haha! I have a pair of pumps in the exact shade of teal as my necklace! I'll wear those next time...
      And just the one wall is that color, but I think I'm gonna take it back to the paint store and have them mute/grey it out a little bit. Then I'll do the rest of the walls.

  4. I plan my outfits around my accessories constantly! Usually it's a hat or a pair of shoes, haha. This is a great, put together outfit. The hat looks simply perfect on you and I love how adventurous you are in those leopard pants! Wowza, girly-meow! The bag is so chic. I love the color blocking of it. I don't know or keep up with the blogging stuff like I should...I'm not even sure what bloglovin and GFC really are? I need to read up on this, haha.

  5. Adorable outfit, and I style myself "backwards" sometimes, too -- especially if I'm determined to wear a certain accessory that I constantly forget about in the daily shuffle. And yes, the GFC thing is such a pain, but at least it's easy to save all of the blogs you follow and upload them to Bloglovin'... I just hope my (few) followers switch over to Bloglovin' too!

    xox Sammi

  6. Loooove the leopard skinnies!
    Haha, and yes, I've totally centered an outfit around an accessory...that happens a lot with my statement jewelry. Love the chic bag! :)

    Trendy Teal

  7. Love how you put this look together, the leopard pants are fantastic!

  8. I'm following you on bloglovin!

  9. Cool pants!


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