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Feel This Moment

I still don't know how much into this neon trend I'm buying...buuuuuuut if a sweater is $1.49 at Goodwill, I'm buying!

Lolz...bad pun.  Sorry.

One thing I'll say for neon, though: it's the perfect thing to brighten up a dreary day!  Especially a snowy day when you're hoping for spring...


...since they're taking GFC away from me soon
(and I want to keep you all around!
I love blogging for you guys!).

Anyway, this outfit is full of cool details.  Here's a couple detail shots:

Love my baaaaag of course. 
The cable-knitting on the sweater is so gorgeous,
and my necklace never lets me down when it comes to adding punch to an outfit!

These shoes (and craaaaaazy pants) have already been featured,
but they're just so awesome that they deserve more time in the spotlight!

Kinda random, but I also wanted to share my animal in the Chinese zodiac. 
I'm the dragon.  :) 
I'm still pleased as punch about that, same as when I learned about it in gradeschool.  I also love hearing about how healthy I am when it's my second week battling the same cold...haha.  Ohhh the irony.  (But in general I will admit that I am pretty healthy.)

What is your Chinese Zodiac animal?
Do you like that animal?
Is the description pretty accurate?

I wanted to share a couple shots from my self-photoshoot in my car...'cuz I'm really cool like that.

  Heh...I just wanted to share my awesome new magenta faux fur scarf!  Just a peek for now, but I'm sure you'll see more of it soon.

Annnnnd we'll end this post with an outtake: Mom caught me tugging my sweater down.  Really pretty.  :P 
But, hey, at least I got her to take my photos outside in a location NOT against the blue wall in my bedroom.

Hat: thrifted || Necklace: Charlotte Russe || Sweater: Goodwill (orig. Target) || Pants: thrifted (orig. Abbey Dawn) || Shoes: Cosmopolitan for JCP || Bag: Target || Fur Coat: thrifted || Faux Fur Scarf: JCP


  1. Love the yellow sweater and the necklace!!!
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    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  2. I love neon and that sweater is super, it goes really well with those pants :)
    I'm a goat in chinese zodiac, BAAA!
    xo, Lara
    ^New URL since the old one got hacked ><

  3. Your necklace looks great against the neon sweater. Such a great find for under $2!

    I'm a horse in the Chinese Zodiac .. totally true about me .
    Horse people are active and energetic
    The horse is very quick-witted
    The Horse is hot-blooded, hot-headed and impatient (err, totally true)


  4. I love your sweater :) The color really looks good on your skin tone!

    Come check it out and follow

  5. Love that bag!! And those shoes!!!! Great accessories.


  6. Sweet dance moves and so sorry to hear about you and your husband! That sounds rough.


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