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I want to start off this post by saying how GRATEFUL I am for all the kindness and support I've been getting!  :)  A big THANKS to all my followers (both "official" and not) and to everyone else who stumbles across my lil corner of the blog-i-verse!


I know mini-skirts (pretty sure this one even qualifies as a MICRO-mini) aren't exactly in vogue right now, buuuut every once in awhile a girl just has a micro-mini kinda day.

My aunt worked in her garden a bit over the weekend.  Flowers are some of my favorite things in the whole world, so it makes me very happy!  And I'm not the only one, either: a beautiful little yellow bird has been hanging around by all the windows singing me songs, too.  How lucky am I?  I sing back to him sometimes, and feel a lot like Snow White.  No photos of my lil vibrantly-feathered friend (he's too darn quick!), but I also sort of made friends with the neighbor's cat, who was out for a hunting excursion while I took outfit photos:

I'm cracked up by the fact that this outfit is nerdy and sexy all at the same time! 

I firmly believe in what I've termed "the Half-n-Half Rule:" which states that if you're showing off your legs, you better cover your...torso (...ahem...).  Balance it out, ladies, haha: if you're going tiny on the top, go big on the bottom and vice-versa (like, if you must wear a bralet, pair it with a longer, billowy skirt [not ripped up daisy dukes please], or if you're sporting "shortie" shorts, put them with a voluminous top and hat/scarf).  That rule usually keeps an outfit sexy but not skanky.

This scarf is one of the best things I've ever bought; I wear it ALL THE TIME (as I'm sure you've noticed in my past blog posts).

This ring was a gift from my brother-in-law.  He saw it at a garage sale and thought it was cool, so he bought it and gave it to me!  How sweet is that???  :-D  I know that the large stone is opal...One of my favorite books says opal is infused with protective magic. (So thanks especially, John, if you're reading this.)
Anyone else noticing that these wooden-heeled booties are, like, "THE THING" lately?  Sheesh...They're absolutely everywhere on Lookbook!

Scarf: thrifted || Shirt: thrifted || Vest: thrifted || Skirt: Forever21 || Shoes: thrifted || Purse: thrifted (Nine West) || Watch: thrifted || Ring: gift


  1. This outfit is so chic and well put together, the detail of the bow really adds such a feminine touch to the outfit I adore it !



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