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Valentine's Day Outfit

SORRYYYYYY I haven't posted in so long! 

Yes, I am just now posting my outfit from Valentine's Day.  :)  I didn't do anything romantic-looking, 'cuz I didn't see my husband, but I love holidays, so I at least dressed in red.

I struggle with ways to wear these bold pants; they're just TOO MUCH AWESOME to style easily.  ;)  But this is my favorite way I've styled them so far.

They're oh-so-punky, and not really in a couture way, 'cuz they're Abbey Dawn--Avril Lavigne's line for Kohl's.  Anyone remember Avril???  Where has she gone???  I loved her music when she first emerged onto the American music scene (in her awesomely baggy '90s grunge pants).  I'll admit it!  I was obsessed with the songs "Sk8tr Boy" and "Complicated."  Dude, I'm pretty sure I still know all the words. 

 And these equally awesome shoes are definitely going to see a lot of wear, so be prepared, my dear readers, to see them up on the blog a lot!

They're right on trend right now: a pointed toe, ladylike silhouette, and metallic cap-toe.
<3  Love at first sight...

I lusted after them when they were at Target, but didn't want to splurge (they were like $39 or something, and I have what I call "Secondhand Syndrome:" if the price is double-digits, it's high.  lolz).  So I drooled and drooled to myself while watching the price drop as they first went on sale, then clearance, then final clearance, and then--lo, and behold--I found a pair in the color I wanted in my size with the tags still attached at my local Goodwill! 

Don't get me wrong: the shoes are definitely worth the original asking price, but God saw fit to let me get them for $6!

Hat: thrifted || Button-up: thrifted || Coat: oldie but goodie || Pants: thrifted (orig. Abbey Dawn) || Shoes: thrifted (orig. Target)

Tell me what you did for Valentine's Day! 
Hope it was sweet!

Bummed-out face. 
(It was right after choir rehearsal, and I just really missed my Valentine.)


  1. I love your bold pants!!! You look great in red! Glad to see you back! Xx. Pip

  2. I'm glad you got those heels!! I wanted that color too, but they never had them in my size. Those pants are awesome and I think black, white, and red always look amazing together! Hope you have a fabulous weekend Caitlin!! <3


  3. S lovely in red!!I love the hat top!

  4. Beautiful, as always. :)
    Have a great weekend ^^
    x, Lara

  5. I love reading about these great finds at thrift stores <3


  6. awesome deal for $6!! =)
    Lovely outfit. Loving the printed pants!

  7. thanks for visiting!
    great look, I love your heels! :)

  8. Love the heels! Great clearance find. My husband and I went out to dinner.

  9. Love the hat, is it dark blue?

    For Valentine's Day my fella and I explored the harbor and the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach. A lovely day indeed!

  10. I love those pants! I also loved early Avril, but don't tell anyone I know. Jerks.

  11. Oh I love this! So streamlined and chic-but you keep it interesting with the patterned pants. I do love those cap toe shoes-they are stunning. I do the same thing-I usually don't buy things when they are in the original store-but look for them in thrift stores! So glad you got lucky and found this at goodwill-what a steal!

  12. I really like it! Love that it's mostly red with that amazing printed pants! You rock it!

    -xoxo- lorena


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