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Black and Blue


I always kinda crack myself up when I put up my tougher-looking outfits up on my blog.  My blog layout is just pink and sea foam green and cutesy...and then there's me in black and cobalt blue lookin' all's quite the juxtaposition. 
But then again, so am I.

Featured here (besides the legsssssss I'm trying SO HARD to tone...[Why does fashion have to be all about legs right now??  Not my greatest asset.]) is my baby, Miranda
She's just a lil ole blue stick-shift Ford Focus, but she is the most fun and reliable car I've ever owned.  She may not look like much, but she gets me from A to B--usually with the windows down and radio blaring--and I love her for it.  And she has a big butt, like me.  :)  Plus, she matched my outfit.

They're taking GFC away from us, soon, so

And for more kooky fun courtesy of Caitlin,
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Hat: thrifted || Shorts: Marshall's || Top: DIY (inspired by Chanel) || Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target || Jacket: thrifted (orig. from Target) || Sunnies: Wal*Mart || Bag: gift (Steve Madden)


  1. Caitlin, you are a vision as always!

  2. You have killer legs! This outfit is fab!! Especially love the heels.

  3. You are gorgeous!!!! Love the blue scarf on your hair and your outfit is so killer and those legs are amaze!!! I was just thinking of you today and realized I haven't visited in a while! Hope you have a good night and stop by soon! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  4. This is great! Love this look on you. It makes your legs look killer! :) One gift I didn't get....


  5. Great outfit - and what are you talking about? Your legs looks fab!!

  6. So stylish. I adore the combination of blue and black.


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