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Christmas Eve (Subtitled: Holly Jolly Dotty Hottie)

Had too much fun editing my photos...again...and wearing a flouncy outfit...again...

Wore this outfit on Christmas Eve.  :) 
I had to hide it under a robe while I sang with church choir, but at least my festive shoes peeked out from under the hem!  (I took the hat off for church, of much as that hurt my heart!  I found this hat last month at the thrift store, and knew immediately that it was meant for wear on Christmas!  Isn't it magical?)

I save this Louis Vuitton bag I thrifted for special occasions.  It's in pristine condition, and I'd like to keep it that way.  I think it's vintage...isn't it beautiful?
I also broke out the Armani perfume my hubby gave me for my birthday, so I felt like a cloud of special followed me everywhere.  ;)

How about them tights?  And do you like my polka-dot dress?  It was a gift from my grandma years ago.  My first "real" nice dress.  I had felt terribly underdressed at a wedding, and confided to my grandma in the ladies' room that night.  Two weeks later, she showed up at my door and proclaimed that no granddaughter of hers should ever have to go through that and whisked me to the mall.  :)  My grandma is precious.

Anyways, my loves, stay tuned for more Christmas outfits!  Not quite 12 days of Christmas, but I had 3 days of Christmas this year!  3 days of my favorite holiday...Marvelous!

Chapeau: Goodwill || Dress: White House | Black Market || Belt: thrifted with a diff. dress || Gloves: gift || Tights: thrifted || Shoes: Target || Bag: thrifted VINTAGE LOUIS VUITTON || Earrings: Bangles and Bags

Preppy Gal

Here's a sticky-sweet prepster look for you all, my darling readers!  :) 

Like the photos?  My mama took them at Subway over lunch today hahaha... I'm so fancy.  -_-;;;

I do love this look though...I feel prettyyyyy, oh so prettyyyyy.  :D  My new (to me) floral embroidered carpet bag is magical!  Especially for around the holiday season; it holds SO MUCH STUFF while still being utterly adorable (and a semi-fad right now.  BONUS.).  I've been shopping and shopping and shopping lately...mostly for gifts for others, but I do give in to the [more-than-] occasional selfish purchase-whim.  *sigh*  I'm just a girl, after all. 
I've had a blast with this holiday season: writing and mailing cards, running to the thrift store for decorations, visiting the new Penzey's (spices and seasonings) shop downtown (ohhh the wonderful smells), shovelling snow (which we finally got!!!), singing at church and at's all so quaint and lovely and gives me a legit warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 
I love Christmas's so...I dunno...SPARKLY, I guess.

Headband: old || Pearls: gift || Rose Pendant: thrifted || Sweater: GAP || Tunic: H&M || Leggings: old || Boots: old || Bag: thrifted

 THANK YOU for reading! 

Sorry for so few pictures today, but just wait until Christmas Eve!!!  I have the cutest lil outfit, black, white and polka dots. with a hat, of course.  ;)  a fabulous "Sunday-go-to-meetin'" hat. 

Eeeeeeee I LOVE Christmas!

le Chapeau Fabuleux

Remember my lovely little fascinator?  *sighJ'adore... 
My own family (one side) makes terrible fun of me and rolls their eyes, but strangers seem to love my hat as much as I do!  :)  Or maybe they just like the cajones it takes to wear feathers on one's head in the middle of the afternoon...either way.
I also love being able to wear fishnets in the middle of the day...these are backseamed, too.  Mmmm sexual...but not slutty! since they're layered over black tights.  (...right?)

Love love LOVE the texture of this stone brick wall...I need to remember this location: it's gorgeous and photographs ridiculously well!  (Even if I don't photograph as well...*sigh*)

Selfie...sorry...but it's the only photo where my layered tights/fishnets are discernable.
So I found this Vera Wang tunic at my local Goodwill (woo!) and layered it over a flirty, ruffly skirt to create a very 60s silhouette.  I looked in the mirror and was reminded the feather-trimmed LBD worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Yay!
And my necklace and bag are certainly Chanel-inspired.  Love them!

Necklace: Charming Charlie || Tunic: thrifted (orig. Vera Wang) || Skirt: Charlotte Russe || Tights: old || Shoes: thrifted (orig. Charlotte Russe) || Bag: thrifted || Hat: Forever 21

Fall Mashup

Saying an official Goodbye to Fall,
and a Hello to Winter! 
Happy December, everyone! 
I decorated for Christmas yesterday, really trying to get into the holiday spirit!  How about you guys? 
So, in order to cleanse my seasonal pallette and prepare to start the holiday season afresh...
I'm clearing all the Fall outfits I had stacked up in the coffers of my hard drive 
and setting them all free
in one big blogpost explosion!!!

Kicking things off with a bit of leopard sass never hurt anyone, right?  Ready?  Here we go!

 Hat: H&M || Sweater: thrifted (orig. J. Crew) || Tank: H&M || Jeans: Charlotte Russe || Shoes: thrifted (orig. Steve Madden) || Scarf: gift || Gloves: vintage (grandma's) || Bag: Rosetti

And next, here's a comfy ensemble with the grey, ruffled suede boots that have never failed me, yet!

 Scarf: gift || Sweater: Forever 21 || Jeans: Wal*Mart || Boots: old (Payless?) || Jacket: thrifted (orig. Ralph Lauren) || Gloves: thrifted || Bag: thrifted
And now some fierce sequins and a red lip...
 Jacket: thrifted || Tank: old || Jeans: Forever 21 || Shoes: old (Payless?)

Wore this little ensemble to church to sing with choir.  Never thought I'd wear these shoes to church!  Much less in November...

 Shoes: can't remember || Dress: thrifted (orig. Mossimo) || Cropped Tux Jacket: thrifted (orig. Mossimo) || Fur Coat: thrifted || Belt: thrifted || Bracelet: can't remember || Bag: Rosetti || Sunnies: Marshall's (orig. American Eagle Outfitters)

Some crazy colors and the debut of my new statement necklace.  I've been wearing this necklace (I bought it in mint AND in coral) constantly since I bought it!

 Necklace: Charlotte Russe || Sweater: Wet Seal || Pants: Calvin Klein || Boots: Steve Madden || Arm Party: Charming Charlie

Here's a little bit of a blurry photo of a casual weekend look with boyfriend jeans, a furry vest, and flannel!  Woo, flannel!  Add some heels and the aforementioned statement necklace, and you're set!

 Sunnies: gift || Necklace: Charlotte Russe || Vest: old || Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters || Jeans: Charlotte Russe || Shoes: thrifted (orig. Anne Klein) || Bag: Rosetti
Finally, here's a look I wanted to have a real photoshoot with, but ran out of time.  I was pretty proud that I put this risky, colorful thing together the day after I had a minor surgery haha (just an endoscopy).  Me in a beanie; who'd've thunk?

Beanie: thrifted || Sunnies: old || Jacket: old || Sweatshirt: thrifted (orig. GAP) || Jeans: H&M || Shoes: thrifted || Necklace: thrifted

Hope y'all didn't mind the casual outfit explosion...did you have a favorite?  Let me know in the comments!   :)

What's black and white and plaid all over?


Sooo sometimes I wear two pairs of tights when it's cold haha...Hopefully this year I won't let Wisconsin winter pull down my style spirit!  Wrapping up in a little fur always makes a girl feel warmer, right?

And now, dear readers, I'm gonna throw out this plea again:

If you have a piece of art that you like, please tell me the name of it and its artist (you can email me or leave it in the comments below).

I want to do a series of outfits inspired by pieces of art (not where I try to look like whoever is in the painting, but where I wear an outfit in the same color pallette that attempts to evoke the same feeling).
If I choose your idea, you'll definitely get the credit for it and a link to your blog/site in my post.

There's no time constraint to this thing, fact, I'll probably be re-posting this little spiel for the next few blogposts so I get as many ideas as possible, because I've always loved art, but I'm not very knowledgeable about it, so I'm looking forward to getting your input and getting exposed to new artists.

Scarf: thrifted || Sweater: Kohl's || Belt: Express || Skirt: Charlotte Russe || Tights: old || Shoes: old || Bag: Forever 21

City Slicker (or below...)

Hey all!  Check out my sick new kicks!!! 

I started seeing these hidden-wedge sneakers a few months ago in street-stle photos and such.  My first reaction was "ew"...ohhh how times change!  :)  The more I saw them styled and worn by others, I started to love the funky-casual vibe they add to an outfit.  Here's my attempt at styling them. 

I tackled a lot of trends in this outfit: dorky crewneck sweatshirt, leather skirt, metallics, and, of course, the kicks.

Semi-funny story:

These pictures were taken after Piera took me out to the cutest little diner up in Madison (I went to visit her for the weekend).  However, I'm surprized I don't look like a complete wreck, because just before lunch, I went hypoglycemic!  I fainted for the first time in my life!  It was crazy!  I sat on Piera's bathroom floor (in this outfit nonetheless) nom-ing on chocolate and an entire loaf of French bread for 15 minutes afterward.  French bread and chocolate apparrently have magical properties of healing!  But everybody already knew that, right?

Sweatshirt: thrifted (orig. Gap) || Skirt: thrifted || Bag: thrifted || Sunnies: Marshall's (orig. American Eagle Outfitters) || Shoes: Charlotte Russe