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...since they're taking GFC away from me soon
(and I want to keep you all around!
I love blogging for you guys!).

Wore this ensemble on Mothers' Day.  :) 
I had a great day celebrating my mama and grandma--who are some of my FAVORITE PEOPLE in the WHOLE WORLD.

I had a big day between singing for church in the morning, getting cast in Season 2.1 of Leaving Eden (check out their YouTube Channel and Website), and celebrating mothers over dinner in the evening.  I even spent some time (3 hours) volunteering at the hospice my mom works at.  I gave out free Mary Kay facials and makeovers to any of the staff and family who came by.  Whew...And I wore these heels through it all!

Not quite sure what I'm doing in this photo.
...getting hungry? ...the Macarena?

While I'm offering snarky commentary on my own photos:
I've noticed that when I'm thinking 'look ladylike and sweet,' it generally
translates to 'touch your hair.'  Like that's not cliche or bimbo-y.  Oh well...

Hat: old || Dress & Shoes: thrifted 


  1. Thanks so much for your awesome comment yesterday on my blog dear! :) I love this dress and the colors of it are really flattering on you and the hat really completes the look! Have a wonderful day! xx Pip

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  2. Wow! So cute - and kuddos from rockin the heels all day!

  3. Those heels are pretty amazingly epic!


  4. Wow - fabulous look, love the killer heels and hat combo!


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