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A very hairy Christmastime

Once upon a time, I found the most amazing "big-ass coat from the thrift shop down the road."  (*SHOUTOUT--Macklemore!!! That song is my liiiiiiiiiife!*)  It seems only fit to put on my mirrored shades, a coat of slick red lipstick, and mean-mug like a boss while wearing it.

I HAD TO HAVE this jacket--I seriously think I may have stopped breathing had I left it behind during my shopping venture--partially because it was so warm, an partially because it reminds me so much of the big ugly fur worn by Carrie Bradshaw (I've been proclaimed my group's 'Carrie,' mostly because of my rather eccentric style [eccentric especially for the area where I live].)  

Annnnnnd the outfit underneath is a comfy, boy-meets-girl, work-day look.

I must admit, I always feel obscenely confident when I wear men's clothing.  Anyone else? 

So--now I want to get kind of serious:
Granted, though I'm quite the amateur, I've noticed that most other bloggers give  a run-down of the pieces of their outfits and where to find them...that's a bit difficult for me, because the VAST majority of my closet is filled with secondhand gems.

I can tell you all brand names and such, though, when I know them.  Will that be acceptable?

So: My slacks are from Forever21, jacket is Merona bought secondhand, shoes are also from Target--a product of their collaboration with Dolce Vita--also secondhand.  Jewelry is a mix of Target, Walmart (yes, really), and secondhand stuff.


  1. That jacket is so fun! You definitely had to have it! *drool*

    1. I do love it!! And it keeps me sooooooo warm up here in WI.


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