Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!


I AM NOT DEAD.'s been awhile. Like...almost a year. 😱 That's rather inexcusable on my part, but I hope that I can rekindle some of the relationships I've let go. 😁

Anyway, here's an outfit from back in fall. But it's what I've been doing a lot of lately--denim and white with gold jewelry.  I go through phases, you know?  I always have.  So I guess 'classic american' was my phase for this past summer.  Mostly because I spent most of my time heavily under the influence of Lana del Rey.

No worries, though, y'all: even though it's been awhile, my selfie game is still strong.  (I know you were concerned.)

(Look leggy look leggy look leggy) <---what I think during every photo session... 😪

Anyway, I'm not going to promise anything as far as scheduled content posting; I am working a loooooooooooot (there could even be more "Os" in there, I swear), I'm back in school, and I am just getting reintroduced to WI winters (yesterday was a high of 18 degrees. Yyyyeah.).
BUT.  Thanks to all the fabulous apps I've discovered on the iPhone, the (ef)Face is back in business!!!  I'm happy to be back.


  1. Welcome back to wonderful world of blogging! YAY!

    1. You gorgeous girl!! I am happy to be inspired by your outfits, again! :)

  2. Welcome back! I just recently started posting again too. Love ya!

    1. HAPPY to be here! :) I'm happy that you've found your way back, too...creative outlets are just such a necessity.

  3. Loving those jeans! Such a great simple look!
    And welcome back!! :D

    1. THANKS, love. :) I've had these jeans forever--a well-fitting boyfriend jean is such a staple.

  4. You look great and have such a fit body!! Love ur bag too. Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  5. Never too late to come back
    Glad that i have met you!


  6. You look good in your simple but chic classy look!

    Thank you for your pleasant comment on my blog. You have a beautiful blog and now I wonder if you want to follow each other?

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  7. Very nice outfit!
    Do you want to follow eachother with?))


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