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'50s Makeup Tutorial

It's been awhile since I've done a makeup tutorial.

This is relatively simple, and I'm no makeup expert, but I'm just gonna throw my process out there.

1.) First: heavy foundation!  (Yes, really.  Psh, your skin doesn't need to breathe.)  I use a matte powder.  If possible, go a shade lighter than your skin tone (I've got a little color from the sun on my cheeks in the photo, but usually I'd be white as a ghost!).

2.) Add a matte brown/tan (nuetral) eyeshadow to your lid, taking it all the way up to the brow bone. 
Blend a darker shadow into the crease--add a LOT of drama if you're going for '50s glam.
Put a white shadow at the apex of the arch of the brow.

3.) For the winged eye, take a gel eyeliner and liner brush (or your favorite kind of black liner), and line your upper lids heavily, getting wider at the outer corner and thinner just past the center of the lid. 
If you're more talented than I am, make that gorgeous lil wing! 
If you're more of a wing novice--like moi--stick a peice of tape on your face (lol) following the line of the upwards curve of your bottom lid.  Use the tape as a guide to create that sharp line for your wing. (The bottom of the wing shape is flat, not curved.  Blend the thick upper part of the liner on your lid into that straight line of the bottom part.)

4.) Coats upon coats of mascara!!! 
(Also, if your bottom lid feels too naked, you can lightly line the outer corner.  I don't, because it makes me feel more like Audrey Hepburn to leave it.)  :)

5.) Add a very light dusting of pink blush to the cheekbones, but not the apples, for contouring.

6.) LIPS.  I looooove me some red, pouty lips.  Line the shape of your lips with red liner.  Exaggerate the "bow" of the lip (the dip in the middle of the upper lip): you can even add a little highlighter/white eyeshadow to the skin just above the bow to REALLY make it pop.  Then fill in the outline with liner as well.
Put on a nice coat of your favorite red lipstick.  (Some people do it with a brush, but I can't say no to the sensuality of gliding the lipstick on straight from the tube!)
Put a layer of gloss (red tinted if you have it) over the top to finish off your gorgeous pout.

7.) Play around with adding some beauty marks (with eyeliner).  Women in that era often drew them on either by the eye or mouth (a la Marilyn Monroe).  Personally, I kinda like the look of the one by my eye. 
If you have natural beauty marks, feel free accentuate them with liner as well!  Don't be shy: they'll look super-cute!

Sooooo...there you have it.  :)  Hope it's useful to someone out there on the Internets.

Also: can I get some feedback on my hair?  I used an editing program to tint it red, 'cuz I'm thinking about maybe-possibly dying it...(I've never dyed my hair before, but I've always wanted to go redhead.)


  1. I love this, your make up is amazing!! newest follower! Would really like if you checked out my blog...maybe follow :)x

  2. Really good tutorial and your make up looks flawless! :) You did a good job, thanks for sharing!


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