Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

"Fever"--Michael Buble

Play the video and listen to the song while you check out the following post.  :) 
It was my mood music for this outfit.

And now, for those in want, may I present to you a bit of:

(...with a little bit of leg.)

 (...OK, OK, with a lot of leg.)

This is what I wore to dinner on Saturday night.  The hubby took me out to celebrate my birthday.  :)  As such, it was a prime opportunity to be ridiculously overdressed. 

And so I was.

hoity-toity Queen for a Day

I really do think my husband's cache of combat boots classes up the picture, don't you? 
These photos were all snapped at my house by my loving hubby when we returned from dinner and drinks.

My accessories need a moment in the limelight here:

Faux fur wrap and lots of sparkly things!!!  Now THAT's a birthday outfit!

You get a glimpse of my nail art in this photo.  I am constantly updating Instagram with my nails, so please feel free to find me there!  I'm kind of obsessed with Instagram right now... @spritzy88

Some giggles...
 And now, ladies and gentleman, I have a question to put to you all:

Upon my recent perusal of magazine pages, I came across an article which informed me that slits were making a comeback.  I personally think a slit is a much more generally friendly way to display some leg (rather than a micro-minidress or whatever), so I'm content with this movement.  The only qualm I have is that I'm afraid of looking trashy, and slits can sometimes do that.

What about your thoughts, dear readers, on this matter?   
To slit or not to slit?

 I seriously want to hear what you all think.  Leave a comment or tweet @spritzy88 about it.

And now, dear readers, I will leave you today with "the Rundown" and the giggles.

Dress: Forever21 || Sparkles: gifted || Wrap: Gift || Shoes: Anne Klein (thrifted)

completely unretouched photo


  1. I love a good excuse to overdress! You look great, and if you're feeling daring, I say yes to the slit, makes the dress a bit different!

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    My Own Project

  2. Pretty little red dress xx


  3. incredible this dress,is my favourite color!


  4. you look so striking in your little red dress!
    Chic on the Cheap

  5. to SLIT! otherwise, you'd look like you're really uncomfortable in the outfit.
    You look like a queen here really!

    BTW, want to follow each other? Just tell me.

    A Hint of Sunlight

  6. Happy belated birthday, and you looked so glamourous for your special night out! Wow, I love the faux fur and the necklace with your gorgeous dress! Have a wonderful day! xx, Pip

    1. you look pretty!
      xx the cookies
      share the feeling
      visit <3

  7. very nice photo, be friends?

  8. depends on the slit! (i'm renaming my blog to "eternally on the fence" ... haha). but for realsies. i think they can be really classy, and it's a lot more subtle than just a super short dress or whatever. but it can be done badly, and then you'd look skanky either way ... anyway here you just look classy so it's all good :)

  9. Lovely dress and it looks great on you! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest shopping :)

  10. you look really sexy in that dress.. :) For me slits are goodd only if they are short. I don't like longer slits somehow.. But then it depends person to person :)

  11. That's a gorgeous red dress - you look fabulous!

  12. Your dress is gorgeous, I love the bright red color! Happy birthday! :)

  13. Pretty! =) Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to see you again soon

  14. LOVE the shoes! Also: Slit :)

  15. love the first dress!!!


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