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It's a Mary Tyler Moore thing.

 My mama was snapping some shots of this outfit at the strip mall after we had a lunch date (hoity-toity ladies-who-lunch, that's what we are), and a gentleman walking into a shop called out, "Looks like a Mary Tyler Moore thing!"  I shouted back, "I do my best!" while thinking to myself, YES, now I don't need to think of a title for my blog post!  That's always the hardest part for me.  Don't know why.

The fabric is light as air (and quite sheer WHEE).

This outfit is a pleasure to wear.  And it made a couple of little old ladies very happy to see it, too!  :)  That's my favorite.  I'm hoping it reminded them of their past...

I've noticed that, while some fashionistas would take this dress and try to update it and make it modern, I'm not like that.  I'm aware of fashion and trends and stuff, but there're several reasons I call this blog a personal style blog and not a fashion blog.  One of these reasons is that when I wear vintage, I try to keep the rest of my outfit as authentic-looking as possible.  I don't mix time periods.  And I don't feel costume-y when I wear this stuff; in fact--I'm proud to say--I feel most comfortable wearing vintage and retro styles.  It makes me feel pretty and happy.  So why throw on a leather biker jacket and ruin that [just to be hip]?  But, that's just me.  :)  If you're one of those fab fashionistas who likes to twist things to modern, go for it!  I admire those sensibilities, 'cuz I don't have them.  (Never fear: there IS a biker jacket in my wardrobe; you'll see it some other day.)

 This dress is a new favorite for sure.  I don't wear a lot of blue, but this periwinkle shade is a winner!  Especially when my skin returns to its typical pallor--er, excuse me--alabaster state, I think the result will be quite an ethereal aura.  Well, I hope so... At least, a girl can dream.

Beauty in the details...

Dress: thrifted || Collar: H&M || Hat: Forever21 || Shoes: gifted || Purse: thrifted || Gloves: Forever21 || Sunnies: Marshall's || Watch & Cuff: thrifted

Before I sign off, I just wanted to thank everyone who's helped get me to 40 followers on GFC!  I've only been blogging (part-time, as I can) for a few months, and already I've got 40 people who care to read it.  :)  I'm flattered...

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  1. You look absolutely elegant!!! I love this look!!! xx, Pip

  2. You look very elegant! beautiful photos :)

  3. You look lovely.


  4. Loved it! Great copycat!

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  5. You look so pretty - and I used to love MTM back in the day, how fun! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

  6. You look so gorgeous in that dress! I love the color and I love you stuck with the vintage feel of the dress by wearing the hat and lace gloves. Sometimes a vintage dress does deserve to be kept retro and not made modern. :) <3


  7. haha what a funny comment :D i love the overall vintage feel of this look!


  8. That dress is definetely a winner for sure! I especially love the title of the post!

  9. that is such a cute outfit! (:


  10. The dress is gorgeous and I love the collar :)

  11. Nice look!

  12. Wow getting over 40 followers in such a short time is amazing. I love dress it definitely makes you remember the days where fashion was king!

    1. What a cool comment!! Thanks so much!!

  13. I really love this 50s look! It's fabulous

  14. Very retro, love it! I dont mind mixing periods as long as I can mix 40s and 50s :) Wearing clothes from the past as they meant to be worn is great, Im the same, I usually dont try to make anything more modern looking either, only resize some of my vintage clothes sometimes. Keep going, your blog improved! :)


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