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Crow Theory (subtitled: Fishnets and Thi-hi's)

I'm flat on my back with a stomach bug, but I'm already one day late posting, soooo I'll just throw a little bit of prose at you and then give you the photos I have. 
Forgive me, dear readers!

This is my other bestest friend, Emilee and I at a concert one of our friend's bands played ("Crow Theory" is their name, and they rock.  Look them up!!!).  Em and I were each other's date, and kinda lolita style: she was the girl, and I was the boy (haha).  We even walked down the street with her arm through mine. 
Lolita? For a concert? you may be asking (jusifiably).  Why, yes.  See, the music ranged from punk to screamo to girl bands to everything in between.  So, really, there was no way to dress specifically for the event.  We just decided we'd wear whatever we wanted, and if we made a scene, so what?  (People who know us are not surprised by this news.)
Luckily, when we reached the venue, there were all different types of people and outfits, so we didn't stick out too badly.  AND THE GIG WAS AWESOME.

Speaking of making a scene, though, we definitely had to snap these photos inside of a Cousin's Subs restaurant we ran to for dinner between bands...heh heh...

Heeeeeere's EM!  Ain't she pretty?

See?  I had to be the boy.  I have a tophat and tailcoat.

Look! My fishnets are backseamed.  Cute, huh?

Thi-hi's over fishnets with combat boots.   [YES.]   Never thought I'd wear that out of the house.
Anyway, I can't give you much of a rundown of where Em's stuff is from.  It's mostly ordered online.  I just wanted to point out that her skirt is an asymmetrical hemilne called a "phoenix"-style (in case anyone whats to look one up).  She's wearing a full petticoat and zebra-striped stockings.  Her corset was bought online, and then she altered it slightly (like a BOSS: she's a sewing whiz).  Her arm party is from T.J. Maxx, I think.

Hat: little shop in Cedarburg, WI || Coat: booth at an anime con || Skirt: Forever21 || Fishnets: Victoria's Secret || Thi-hi's: ? || Boots: Wal*Mart || Fingerless Lace Gloves: Hot Topic


  1. Looks like you have fun! I like your both outfits, so cool! :)

  2. thanks for stopping by! come say hi anytimre.
    xo chauss

  3. Very original girls!

  4. love it! you guys look fantastic

  5. Haha, fun fun outfits. both of you look great.
    Love your booties.
    * STYLE ID NET *
    * Filomenas Closet *

  6. Omg, you are too funny! I love how you don't take anything seriously! Your tailcoat is just awesome and I love the fishnets with the thigh highs over top! Great idea there! Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for the comment on my blog earlier! My lipstick is by Loreal, but I can't recommend it because it sucks and comes right off and when you wear red, you don't want that to happen! I only wear it for like an hour usually and then end up taking it off. I'm still searching for an all day lasting red that will suit me. It's a shame because I love the color of mine now! xx Pip

  7. Aw, I love you guys. That's a great coat, and I love that phoenix-style skirt!


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